Could this finally be the superhero game we’ve all been waiting for?

With a release date slated for May of 2020, I’m sure all the fans of Marvel’s Avengers will be waiting impatiently for its arrival. Shown off this year at E3 and being developed by Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics and Marvel Games, it looks to bring a brand new envisioning of the Avengers with big names such as Nolan North and Troy Baker lending their voices to help bring the iconic hero’s alive.

We got to see a little bit of how the game will look through a short Cinematic glimpse of gameplay showing off Iron man, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and of course Captain America. The game has been confirmed to be both single player and online multiplayer. Though rest assured, social media co-ordinator and manager – Meagan Marie, alongside studio head Scot Amos, stated there will be zero pay to win mechanics or loot boxes of any sort and that all additional future content post-game release would be free, including new hero’s to play as and new locations to see.

It will be exciting and interesting to see where the story takes us, but this is one to look out for, no doubts about that.