I have recently been playing a game called soul searching on Nintendo switch. It is a narrative driven survival game. You play as a traveller known as a soul searcher and you leave your island on a raft to start your journey.

The story starts off in the white space and you can talk to people before talking to the big guy to start the game. You then start on your island before you leave and there isn’t much storytelling in the beginning but as you visit more islands and more mini games you play the more you learn about the character. 

The survival aspect of the game is simple, if you are looking for a game that has crafting and building then this game isn’t for you but if you are looking for a game with survivability as well as narrative then this game is for you. You have 3 bars. You have to maintain Hunger, Thirst and Energy they are pretty easy to maintain, eat when you’re hungry, drink when you are thirsty and sleep when you lack energy but you also have to have obstacles to face when trying to maintain these such as dragons, crows and killer whales.

In all honestly I struggled with this game to start with I did die a few times, the rowing was something I had to get used to, but once i had it down it opened up the map a bit more and then when you have enough coins you can buy a boat with an engine the game just opens up massively (I spent a lot of time fishing so i could buy one ) the story is good but it only takes in total 3 minutes to tell but the way it’s told makes you invest in getting to the end of the game.

There is a short story option in the menus that you can also play and it consists of mini games in different art styles that are fun to play there is a basketball one where you just shooting hops as a challenge to see how many you can shoot without missing and it’s fun to play

This game was fun to play once I had the boat mechanics down and is a game I would come back to play it again. 7/10