Studio Asahi Introduces Debut Game, ‘The Little Witch and The Lost Memories

DAS&Co. (based in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Led by President Shinsuke Ogawa) is pleased to announce that Studio Asahi, its indie game studio, has released the Steam page for its first video game, titled “The Little Witch and the Lost Memories”. 

Based in Yokohama, the indie game company Studio Asahi, aims to create games that deliver vibrant narrative experiences to people worldwide. 

Studio Asahi has unveiled information about their debut creation, ‘The Little Witch and The Lost Memories,’ on the Steam store page. The game is an exploration-based adventure set within the dreams of a girl who has lost her memories. Players will unravel secrets by exploring locations within the dream, gradually recovering the lost memories as the story unfolds. The game features a point-and-click puzzle-solving system combined with RPG room exploration and a visual novel-style scenario. With charming pixel art and a relaxed musical ambiance, ‘The Little Witch and The Lost Memories’ invites players to fully immerse themselves in an enjoyable gaming experience. 

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