That’s damn right, nearly a year after a release I finally got my hands on the precious beast that is the PS5. If you’re still trying to get one, but are struggling, follow all of the stock alert accounts on twitter as that’s how I got mine! Anyway this is merely a brief article about my initial experiences of this truly stunning console. So what have I been playing and what do I think?….

I obviously firstly smashed through Miles Morales and platinumed Astro Bot, because I love super heroes and am also a big man child. Miles is obviously absolutely incredible and I know you’ve heard all about this already, but I was so happy I held out for the super duper shiny version of it. I had even waited so long that I was treated to the super shiny Performance RT mode which is unbelievably sexy and just shows off the abilities of the PS5. The story, the combat, the christmassy New York….it’s just divine. Please wait for the PS5 to get this.

Astro Bot was just as good as the VR version, it deserves it’s own fully fledged 3-quel. It show cases all of the PS5’s new features (including blowing into the controller, which I expect I’ll never do again) and does with a butt load of nostalgia. If you’ve somehow not seen any of the little nods it puts in, of which there are many……well you’re in for a treat, and it definitely goes to places I didn’t expect but will make you extremely happy if you’re old and have been playing PlayStation since day 1. Also it’s pretty damn cool that the console essentially comes with a built in game, that in itself is a throwback to the good old days (Alex Kidd anyone). Next up for me was Bugsnax, which I had heard was ok but wasn’t as fun as the trailers etc. well I’m here to say that it’s actually great and I ended up platting it, this may have been because I mostly played it when I was off so was likely hungover, so it was easy to play…..but honestly I enjoyed every second of this very bizarre indie game, which ends up being a lot darker than I expected! It’s well worth a squirt.

Lastly on my play list, my current game, is Demons Souls, my oh my what a game. I was really impressed by Miles but this was the game that really made me notice the PS5. It’s probably because the last game I was playing on PS4 was Dark Souls 2, so the jump is very vast. It’s obviously tough as nails and blah, blah, blah…but it’s just so fun and satisfying to play, it looks great and really feels solid. I love the world, the updated graphics, the differences from the other souls games and I will be playing this until I finish it before anything else I expect! I am so very excited to see what Elden Ring will be like, as it could be the best game of all time!

So yes, the PS5 is amazing and worth the money. You can see the jump in everything from the 4. Yes it may not be the biggest of jumps but it really feels like they’ve done everything they could, it looks and feels great, everything has just been lifted. And I’ve not really spoken about the DualSense but believe the hype, the intelligent vibrations and adaptive triggers are so smart and really up the immersion without you having to put a massive headset on. It’s the kind of gaming that I want and has made me abandon everything else in my free time. I am very much looking forward to the Christmas rush of games, and to writing again as it’s certainly got me excited about gaming again.