Hi I’m Javier and I’m a self confessed non lover of scary games, I do play them of course but they are never ever my go to, in fact I only play a couple a year because I’m a little cry baby. However it must be said that getting totally engrossed in a game and it making you jump out of your skin is a pretty unique, and great, experience. So when were the times that freaked me out the most?

Silent Hill 2 – The freaking mannequin

Going back a fair few years here. Silent Hill 2 was probably THE game that put me off horror games and films for a long ass time. There are SO many awful and horrifying moments in this game so much that it plagued my nightmares for weeks on end (I was pretty young when I played it ok!). I remember being terrified of going down into the subway and, well pretty much terrified of the entire game to be honest. Anyway the one big moment I can clearly remember is going into a room with a mannequin and walking out to hear a scream and a thump, when you go back the damn thing is decapitated with blood everywhere. This has made me terrified of in store clothing displays for life.

The mannequin room in SH3 : silenthill

Resident Evil 2 Remake – Police Station opening

It took me a while to get round to it but when I did I REALLY enjoyed Resi 2 remake. It’s worth mentioning here that when it originally came out one of my older cousins bought it for me, but my mum found out and confiscated it! This isn’t the most scary game in the world at all, but it uses atmosphere and noises extremely well to kind of give a constant kind of mini fear. When you first get to the station you need to start exploring and I’ll be honest, I just ran around trying not to get chomped and not really having the guts to fight. Add in Mr X chasing you every step of the way and you may be checking your pants for stains ;).

The Persistence VR – Most of it, but mainly the beginning

One thing I definitely miss about VR is horror games, if I’m honest it’s the only thing it was REALLY good at (FYI I sold it ages ago) but equally it was almost TOO engrossing! One game people could have missed, and I’m sure is still great in non VR, is The Persistence. You get put in a ship which is plagued with zombies and monsters, and the ship is trying to kill you and it’s REALLY dark….it’s also procedurally generated and you go back to the beginning when you die, so it’s pretty hard to get your bearings. My point is at the very start of the game you’re just trying to get your bearings, figure out what’s happening and you’re just getting annihilated by these scary zombies. Here’s an extremely old stream I did!

Resident Evil 7 VR – The little girl’s feet

A combination of the last 2 here and easily the game that’s shit me up the most, Resi 7 is THE best VR game but it comes with the price of you being extremely scared! This game is designed so damn well and is absolutely perfect as a VR horror game. The way that you’re forced to explore dark corridors and often in those dark corridors something will jump out at you and cause you a mini heart attack. There’s a moment where you’re exploring the bedrooms and you have to go through a crawl space to get into another room, you hear a little girl laughing and then her feet appear in the room in front, that you can see through the crawl space. I don’t know what it was but I just had to stop, take the headset off and leave the game for a bit. Believe me there are many moments that will scare the bejeezus out of you.

Don’t forget if you like people crapping themselves on camera you can watch Luke’s horror streams. Particular favourite at 54 minutes in the below!