I’ve sold the damn thing and you can’t change my mind! It’s about time i realised that I had a device sat by my TV that’s worth £200+ (With accessories) and I only get it out once every few months. So yes it’s gone, and here’s why!

First off this really was a big decision for me; I even gave it another whirl on the weekend to see if I could convince myself not to sell, and the thing is… I couldn’t. My main issue as always was that I looked at my games library for it and just thought “I’d rather play Souls” or “I’d rather play Spyro” (Those are my levels FYI), and that will always be the issue. No matter how hard I try to convince myself, or let Sony convince themselves, the PSVR is currently no more than a gimmick – or, at best – a glorified accessory. What should be the next step in the evolution of consoles is an overpriced addon, and that’s a crying shame. Just like the PlayStation Move – and I hate to compare it to that – the PSVR is just another addon that’s been left by the wayside whilst devs are instructed to focus efforts on AAA titles.

This isn’t a bad thing as I love my big games as much as the next gamer, but it is a bad thing when or if you want VR to be the next big thing –  At least this is how I feel. Look at any selling site and you’ll see a large portion of PSVRs on sale, because a lot of people like me have had enough time with it and can still make some money.

It’s been out for 2.5 years and I owned it for about a 16 months, and during that time there were only 3 games I played that were truly worth playing; Resident Evil 7, SuperHot (Which was 4 hours long at a push), and Astro Bot. Now there were some other enjoyable games, but they were usually a couple of hours long, and all the others weren’t worth picking up. Now obviously I didn’t play all of the games on offer but you can really tell which ones are worth picking up, plus a tonne of them average a 5 or 6 out of 10 on most review sites. The thing is, these very average review scores, short play times and general opinions led to me only buying the games when they were on sale at £5 or less (Except a select few), for fear of completely wasting my money, but buying a £15 ‘normal’ game in the sale doesn’t phase me.

On top of all this I just never got home and thought to myself ‘Let’s put on the headset and smash out some Beat Saber’, especially late at night. It’s always my trusty DualShock and any normal game. It definitely pains me to write and admit this, as I really did think that this was going to be the next leap in the gaming industry, but it’s not quite refined enough, and it just feels a bit odd still. I think it COULD be the next big thing in about 5-10 years, when it’s not so clunky and maybe more interactive as a system and with others around you (I know they’re working on sensory adaptation for touch and smell). Unfortunately this felt too much like a prototype with tester games, and not something which should have been a fully priced bit of kit; perhaps version 4 or 5 will be the real deal?

In the week since I’ve sold it have I thought about it? No I haven’t; have I been thinking fondly about the money I made and what to spend it on (Probably a new tv)? Yes I have. The PSVR is unfortunately a swing and miss, and I was one of it’s biggest promoters… But I couldn’t lie to myself. I hold a glass to this first version; well done Sony. You gave it a good shot.