To celebrate official N7 day. Bioware has officially confirmed a Mass Effect remaster.

Named Mass Effect Legendary Edition, it will include single player content from Mass Effect’s 1, 2 and 3. With the addition of DLC content from those releases. It will also include promo weapons and armour bundles.

The rumours of a Mass Effect remaster have been floating around for a few years, after the games gained a strong fanbase from its original release, who wanted to see the Sci-Fi opera brought to next gen consoles with updated graphics.

And Bioware have struggled to keep the remaster under wraps until now, following various ‘leaks’. But today on the official N7 celebration day, they have announced the fan favourite will feature updated 4k Ultra HD graphics. With forward compatibly with the next gen PS5, Xbox Series X and PC, with targeted enhancements for the consoles.

In the official announcement on their webpage, BioWare have also mentioned that the next chapter in the Mass Effect universe is in the works, although still at an early stage. Given the most recent unfavourable reception Mass Effect Andromeda received, they have a lot prove with a new entry to the saga. But for now, at least fans of the original series will have a chance to once more step into the shoes of Commander Shepard in attempt to save the universe, with Mass Effect Legendary.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is expected to be out in spring 2021. More information will be revealed next year.

To read the full release, check out the link below the video released by BioWare