With the date of the new remastered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition approaching at FTL drive speeds (14th May to be precise). Developers BioWare and publishers EA have released a whole plethora of freebies to tide us over. Details below.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition key art

BioWare have released a neat little web app that allows you to create custom artwork based on the key art released for the game. Here’s my attempt at it –

You can create your own and share it either with friends or social media at this link – https://bit.ly/3vX9UGf

Mass Effect greatest hits

Ever wanted to drive your car to a Mass Effect beat? Feel like chilling out to some off world tunes? No need to buy now. BioWare have complied a huge 88 track soundtrack video with music from all three pf the original Mass Effect games for you to enjoy. And as a bonus, they’ve thrown three pieces of custom art, made just for the release. You can find the soundtrack here – https://bit.ly/2QVDCwg

And finally…

As if all these freebies weren’t enough, BioWare have published on the Mass Effect webiste, a whole host of bonus content to download for free!

This includes; 2 digital art books, 2 digital comic books, and a digital lithograph of the Normandy in action. All this can be found here – https://bit.ly/3vJpN2S

All this makes me VERY excited for the launch now. I have all this bonus content to tide me over, before I get to once again, don the N7 armour and venture out in the many galaxies of the Mass Effect universe.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases May 14th on PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and Origin.

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