I am stealing Javier’s idea here and jumping on this bandwagon of some of the gifts you should get the nerd in your life. Be they into films, Games, Comics or whatever this list is sure to have something for every nerd.

So let’s do it!

The Numskull Christmas Jumper Range

Want to force your favourite nerd to embrace the spirit of Christmas? Then the Numskull Christmas Jumper range is the perfect gift. Seriously, I have the Spider-Man one (pictured below with another great gift, BLU RAYS!) and it’s actually one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing I own.

This and they cost less than the price of an average video game these days, make these jumpers an absolute steal.

These are my absolute favourites from the range:

Here is the full range:


Literally, the perfect gift. Know something that your favourite nerd hasn’t got around to playing yet? Something that’s been on their radar all year but they haven’t been able to grab it from Amazon or the like? Get it for them and watch as the smile appears on their face! Below are a list of games from 2019 that I recommend!

Literally Anything From Insert Coin Clothing

Does your favourite nerd love to wear t-shirts with their favourite Dark Souls character or the Doom guy emblazoned across it? Then chances are, Insert Coin Clothing will have you covered.

Here are a few of my favourites:

The Mad Dog Majima


Morgana Forever






The Tubbz Range

Got a gamer in your secret santa this year? Numskull’s Tubbz range has you covered by putting all our favourite video game characters and putting them… On a rubber duck. I actually have a couple of these and I genuinely love them, they’re so silly that every time I see them they fill me with absolute joy.

My favourites are these ones though…

Find the full range here: http://www.numskull.com/tubbz/

The Tie Fighter Desk Lamp

Your nerd not into games? Never fear! This Star Wars Tie Fighter desk lamp will ensure that your favourite nerd works with a nerdy flair at all times. Seriously, I want this so bad for when I write for Respawning.

Star Wars Tie Fighter Posable Desk Lamp


Anything From Forbidden Planet

This site is like mecca for nerds. I spend so much much money on this site my wife gets so mad at me. But will I stop? Will I heck!


So there you have it, some absolutely lovely recommendations from me and just some sites to get you going when you think of ideas for the nerd in your life.

Let us know what you get in the comments below!

Merry Christmas Y’all

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