Adventure games and Platformers

It’s that time of year where you’ve just been paid and you’re looking 4 weeks into the future; your partner, nan, brother or cousin (Or whoever, really) just LOVES PlayStation and you don’t know what to get them… FEAR NOT, for I am here! I will be giving a list of games new and old to suit all occasions. Please find out if they’ve already played the game because no one wants to double up!

These games are perfect for that person that loves to go on epic quests, think have they recently booked a backpacking holiday or paintballing session? Then these games are your go to.

Uncharted 4

The king of adventure games is first on my list because this is just an absolute masterpiece of a video game that can’t be missed; smashing Tomb Raider off your top spot, Nathan Drake is your man this Xmas.

  • Age rating 16
  • £10 – £15

The Last of Us

Be warned this one’s a little scary/gory, so probably not for the younger gift receivers, but with the sequel coming out shortly this is a great time to catch up on the best “world’s gone to crap and you’re one of few survivors” game out there. Trust me, this story will stay with you.

  • Age rating 18
  • £12 – £15

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

To be honest this isn’t one to miss, probably the best game of the year in many people’s eyes – The game takes place after Star Wars Episode 3, and tells a new story we haven’t heard before. It can be played on a difficult or easier mode, and would please many many people this year.

  • Age Rating 16
  • £50

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

If you know someone who just wants to get lost in an entirely new world for days on end then look no further – Skyrim offers incredible exploration, quests with an immersive world, making it one of the best games of the decade. It’s even available in VR for an even deeper experience!

  • Age rating 18
  • Around £15 for both versions

The Witcher 3

This is the last game on my adventure list for good reason; so you won’t forget to buy it! The Witcher 3 is the perfect combo of 3rd person action and RPG which offers the best narrative and characters the devs can come up with. Find out what the hype is all about before the Netflix series comes out!

  • Age rating 18
  • £15

OK, so let’s move on to platformers; these are your games which seem fairly simple, but often have complex levels to navigate; they’re perfect for young kids or us men who never really grew up and can’t let go of that childhood nostalgia! If your secret Santa loves cute creatures, or is mad about collecting, these will probably be up their street!

The Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy

Bit of an obvious one to start but here we are, if you know anything about PlayStation then you’ve probably heard about it’s little orange mascot! Luckily for us Crash has been brought into this gen with an amazing remaster of it’s original trilogy.

  • Age Rating 7
  • £20 – £28

Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

I couldn’t have this list without putting my favourite little dragon in could I! I can say from personal experience that this remaster captures the magic of the original games and makes them look goddamn sexy. This is for fans new and old of the series and is a fantabulous stocking filler.

  • Age Rating 7
  • £20 – £25

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Have you seen how colourful and full of joy this game is! Well, if you haven’t you should. This is definitely perfect for the younger kids and could be the perfect kickstart for a gaming obsession.

  • Age Rating 6
  • £25

Trine 4

Lending itself amazingly well to co-op gameplay this game combines puzzle solving and combat in an extremely unique fashion and can played with 2 controllers on one console, so need for more than one copy of the game. I’ve honestly never laughed more than when I got to mess around on this at EGX.

  • Age Rating 12
  • £20

Look, you may have no idea at all as to what they do or don’t like, but I can assure you every PS fan will be glad to receive a PS Store gift card, then they can make their own mind up!

So there’s my Christmas ideas for the PlayStation fan in your life! Join me in the next entry in this article series for some more festive gift ideas!

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