“On the 3rd day of Star Wars, Lucas gave to me….” Hey everyone, welcome to our special Let’s Talk where we’re going to talk about everything we want to see in what’s gearing up to be THE Star Wars game of the generation. So guys, what do you want to see in Jedi Fallen Order?

Boba Fett. That’s pretty much it. I am a HUGE Boba Fett fan boy. Fallen Order is set between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope so we know he’s about, carving his reputation as the galaxy’s deadliest bounty hunter. So a cameo appearance from him would make the game a winner for me. I’m easily pleased.

What do I really want to see…..? You know I’ve been so wrapped up in playing the game I haven’t really thought about what I actually want from this game (turn that hype down boy!). As much as I want to see amazing sabre battles, clever use of the force and epic boss fights what I really want is a new spin on the story.

Much like the Force Unleashed games (some of my favourite) I’d really like a story that changes the way I look at some of my favourite characters and possibly changes the way I watch some classic films. That’s what I love about Star Wars, there’s so much added and it never seems to ruin it. Let’s face it thought I just want to kill as much as possible as a Jedi.

Okay so Fallen Order… Well it’s a game I want to play, and much like films I want to watch I do my absolute best to stay blind to it, so I honestly have no clue what to expect from Fallen Order. I know its name and I know it’s third person, and you play a Jedi, so I would like to see dismemberment (but it’s Disney so that’s not gonna happen).

I would love to see some sweet customisation options for the character and Lightsaber, maybe have a few stages where you can relive the glory days of rogue squadron and have some space battle sections. The thing I want to see the most in this game… Is a good game from the start and a complete game too, no loot boxes just a complete experience out of the box… Also a 1313 unlockable demo wouldn’t go amiss.

I know exactly what I don’t want from Fallen Order, and that’s the same thing I don’t want in any game, which is a challenge! I’ve learnt this week the combat is almost Soulsborne in it’s style, though nobody has called it difficult yet, that I’ve heard. I was massively excited for it’s release, but now I’m following this titles’ release and reviews with a health scepticism, and a trigger warning for the word ‘difficult’.

I’m fine with not being able to tank lots of hits and having to counter and dodge often, like in Lord of the Rings: War in the North, but if it boils down to having to fight enemies multiple times as I keep dying then the game will be immediately shelved / sold. I get that Cal Kestis is a Padawan, and not a fully trained Jedi, and isn’t a master of the Force or a lightsaber yet. This in mind, I would still take issue with the idea of the game making me feel as powerless as Cal following Order 66, as I want to follow more of a Starkiller path from The Force Unleashed, than someone trying to learn as he goes.

Everything about the game play I’ve seen so far has been great, and until this week I was confident it would be a day one purchase for me, something I’m having my doubts about now..

Jedi: Fallen Order is shaping up to be a pretty good looking game so far, and whilst it’s been said that stealth isn’t really an aspect of the game, I still want some sort of incentive for thinking before jumping into battle. Maybe like, some environmentals you can set up or make use of, or be able to terrify a large force with your, well, Force that some of them just run in terror? I love giant, action-y titles like anyone, but it’s always good to be able to vary up the ol’ hack-n-slash.

Batman, I want Batman. Well not actual Batman in the Fallen Order game, that would be weird. I mean I hope Respawn looked at what Rocksteady did with the Arkham games. They made us FEEL like Batman! And although everything else in those games are damn near perfect, it’s that feeling of being the caped crusader that makes them truly special. So please, just let me feel like a Jedi, let me feel like I’m in that world. That’s all I ask, no pressure.

So, I’m not exactly a fan of Star Wars.

Yeah, it’s a great series, a great franchise in general… But for myself personally, I never really thought much for Star Wars games. Sure my friends used to play the Old Republic pretty much every day, but it never really interested me. I will say I prefer the new movies more than the old ones – I know, I know, Heresy! I did want to play Star Wars Battlefront as it looked fun, like Battlefield, but Star Wars… Until EA fucked it.

Fallen Order does look promising… Hell it looks great! I’m sure lots of people will be happy with it, and plenty of people will just hold it in hatred or some such. Fanboys and all that. What would I want to see in Fallen Order though? I’m not to sure, again; I’m not a massive Star Wars fan. Maybe some new alien races? We’ve seen quite a few of the typical subjects, those big fish eye’d guys, the butt lipped dudes, etc. Maybe some new droid types? New Lightsaber types? I dunno. Star Wars just seems stagnant to me!

What I’d want to see is something new and fresh. Not just in story, but variety. Star Wars as a whole is stupidly varied, yet the media of it just seems to repeat a lot of things. Again, not a Star Wars fan so I dunno, I just hope it turns out to be a great game!

Fallen Order is looking to be the game that either revives trust in the Star Wars game library, or utterly breaks it… And with that in mind, I’d love to see Star Wars: Fallen Order become a game that, much like Dark Souls, is able to be enjoyed for many more years to come – No, I don’t mean a Live Service (God forbid), but rather good amounts of replayability and difficulty.

I want to feel like a greenhorn Jedi when I start, beat the game feeling like a higher-than average Jedi, go up to Hard and get my ass handed to me. Kingdom Hearts 2 players will remember the great difficulty balancing between Beginner, Normal, Proud and Critical… I want that sort of balancing in Fallen Order. I need it.

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