Right now I’m in my little Star Wars bubble again, and I couldn’t be happier. I FINALLY watched Solo, and I’ve decided to watch all of the movies before the final Skywalker episode comes out, and right now I can’t get enough of Lightsabers and TIE Fighters. For us gamers, it’s a particularly exciting time as we’re getting a brand new Star Wars game that isn’t a first person shooter! How about that? Let’s all cross our fingers that this is the game we want it to be… Anyways, this isn’t the first awesome Star Wars game we’ve had, obviously, so I’m just going to write about some of my favourite previous Star Wars games. In no particular order…

LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Collection

Let’s start big here; I think this is easily the best LEGO game, and has enough easter eggs to please even the grumpiest Wookie. The Complete LEGO Star Wars Collection was an absolute joy and gem of its age, and I don’t think without it the LEGO games would still be going now. It has everything you want; all your favourite scenes from the movies, humour, fun puzzle solving, relatively good combat AND was the first game a lot of people 100%’d. This is a game and a half.

The Force Unleashed games 

I loved these games so much; I remember them coming out when there wasn’t a lot of great Star Wars content about, and they really scratched that itch. They told a unique story (unless you’ve read all the books), and gave Vader a deeper story; plus the combat and gameplay was just so goddamned good, they really made the Lightsabers feel brutal and combined it perfectly with the Force powers… What other games do you get to bring down a Star Destroyer by hand?! Star Killer is an absolute lad and one I’d love to see more of.

Star Wars: Episode I – Jedi Power Battles 

Do you know what’s better than teaming up with a friend as a Jedi and taking on enemy after enemy as you team up to get through levels? Pretty much nothing! In case you haven’t played this game, it gave you a selection of Jedi to play as and really made me aware of how awesome Plo Koon is. The levels mixed between different view points to see you exploring many locations shown in Episode 1 in what’s probably closest to a Streets of Rage clone with Lightsabers. Yeah, you heard me right. I’m betting this game hasn’t aged well, but it’s a high recommendation from me and one I lost hours of my childhood to.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 (Original)

The best Battlefront game? Yes. The best PSP game? Yes! I remember first playing this randomly in some internet cafe on holiday, and then getting home and getting it on everything. We’d spend more time in English class playing this game than learning English (partly why I know fuck all about To Kill a Mockingbird). The open combat was so satisfying, and well put together, and really made you earn the Jedi or Sith unlocks who then decimated the battlefield. This is arguably THE BEST Star Wars game, and I really feel the series was ruined by EA.

Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Video Game

Say what you want about Episode 1, but this was a stellar game and again one that I lost HOURS to. Following the plot of the movie and adding some extra scenes in for laughs, I really remember this being one of the first games where I could really play as a Jedi in some form of open world. It takes different views on certain scenes, for example you play as Padme in Coruscant on certain scenes you wouldn’t have seen otherwise – In this game you can really explore the settings, and get pretty engrossed in the Star Wars world.

What do you think of my choices? Am I missing some really big ones and am I complete fool? Let me know which games you would have chosen!

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