It’s that time of year again when we start talking Respawning’s official Game Of The Year! Here’s a quick rundown of how it works this year..

Each content creator here at Respawning will list their Top 10 games of the year across all platforms. Each place gets awarded an amount of points depending on where they come. So for example the 10th place game gets 1 point, 9th place gets 2 points all the way up to 1st place which gets awarded 10 points, you get the idea!

Then come the end of the week we’ll add up all the scores to confirm Respawning’s official overall Top 10 and our Game Of The Year in a special video over on our YouTube channel! First up it’s Lance!

It feel’s an almost too daunting a task to look back over the games I’ve played in 2020 and pick just ten worthy of mention. And I won’t. As truth be told, ‘new game’ gaming has been pretty quiet for me in 2020. I found myself playing older games a lot and not really playing any newer ones at all. I used my times in lockdown to complete games I’d not got round to or didn’t have the time for before. I have played some really good games and some really bad ones in 2020. But for the sake of context, as this is a top ten, here are my top five games for 2020. I’m not going to go into detail for each one, that would be a long article, I’m only going to give a little explanation for the top three spots.  

5. HUNT: Showdown – 6 points

Famous for Will’s Pitchfork antics

4. Predator: Hunting Grounds – 7 Points

You really didn’t wanna bump into these guys on your own

3. Ghost Of Tsushima – 8 Points

A stunningly beautiful game

It’s no great surprise to find this in any top whatever count for 2020. Visual stunning, this game took elements from Assassin’s Creed and threw a Samurai and Ninja twist. And I lapped up it up in waves. I enjoyed/am enjoying it so much, I have put off completing the main story campaign, for a day it can have my undivided attention, that and I don’t want it to end. With recent addition of the multiplayer mode, this games could easily be a lot of peoples game of the year,

2. Deep Rock Galactic – 9 Points

Mining, Dwarves & Aliens. Rock and Stone!!

Deep Rock Galactic has come out of nowhere for me. I spotted it on Xbox game pass and thought I’d give it a go with some friends. And its brilliant. The mix of comedy and simple graphics has had me roaring with laughter on many occasions. I can’t recommend this game enough, if you’re looking for a game to play with friends.

1. The Division 2: Warlords of New York – 10 Points

These guys were tough as nails

Whilst Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 isn’t a new game, the expansion Warlords of New York is. Released in March, it added a heap load of new content, a new map, new enemies and lots, and lots or precious, precious loot to hunt for.

Old and new enemies

Taking the fight to whole new map (no points for guessing where) it added new and older enemies back into the mix. More challenging content for players such as myself that have reached that max level and added quality of life improvements to the whole game in general. Additionally to this, it added season, allowing players to now have goals to reach and new equipment to strive for. As ‘expansions’ go, Warlords feels like a whole new game at times. And I loved eveything I’ve played so far.

Something to work towards

With more to come from the studio, don’t be too surprised to see this appear in a similar list from me, next year.

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