I have recently got my hands on a new game for the Nintendo switch called Good job, the aim of the game is to complete tasks by solving puzzles on the different floors of your father’s company making your way to the top. It can be played both solo and co-op but either way it’s a ton of fun!

You are the clumsy son of a big business man and you have to complete tasks as you climb the corporate ladder to the executive suite. Tasks start with getting a new projector and soon you will be cleaning up experimental gloop. There are two ways you can play, the first is to cause the least amount of damage the second is to do it in the quickest time possible not caring about the damage you cause.

The first few floors are great for finding new ways to cause havoc or to be a star employee. Figuring out a way to work around obstacles and other workers who are in your way is fun and very satisfying. When you complete a level by flinging a projector through 3 walls across the office block and off a power cord, or even putting a sitting colleague in slingshot and firing them down a hallway is also fun. Finding ways to completely trash the place in the fastest possible way is amazing!

The game itself is fantastic to play. Each floor has 3 different playable levels and they are never the same. You can tackle them however you like and it still keeps its puzzle vibe. There are also over 100 outfits (from a Viking helmet to kings robe) to find and collect throughout the levels. It’s a game you can put down whenever and pick back up in a month and is my game to play in between bouts of Animal Crossing at the moment. It is a must have during the current times to bring a bit of happiness and laughter into the household but pain and misery to an office apparently! ?

Good Job is brilliant and you don’t need to spend hours working on a character to enjoy it, plus all the levels are re-playable for you to try different ways to complete them and let mayhem ensue!

I going to give it an 8/10 

Good job is a puzzle action game created by paladin studios and is available now on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

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