In a brand spanking new feature, we’re all going to talk about the things we love and what we’ve been playing in the hopes we can possibly inspire some gaming adventures of your own; hell, it may not even be about gaming!


This month has seen me rekindle my love for Sci-fi in a big way, watching through all the Star Wars films for maybe the 70th time, obsessing over Cyberpunk 2077 and playing through Deus Ex: Mankind Divided again! Coming out 3 years ago, Mankind Divided is still a phenomenal game with a ton of content to keep you amused each time you play. This is maybe my third full play through and this time I’m trying my best to be a sneaky yet surprisingly violent cyber soldier! I’ve stuck all my my upgrading “Praxis Kits” into my hacking skills and silent take down Nano-blade and I can now slip through any building unseen and unnoticed save for the piles of bodies I leave in my wake. This is definitely not my usual way of doing things in a game since I tend to lean into the “heroes don’t kill” mentality. But the Nanoblade launcher and its ability to pin baddies to the scenery is just too funny to pass up! Sure Adam Jensen never asked for this but I’ll be dammed if he’s not going to use it!


I honestly haven’t been playing or watching a lot because I’ve been moving house. However when I have had time to play it’s been spent on World of Final Fantasy, this is a game that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and am really glad that it was recommended to me by Luke (I speak in the past tense as I’m very near the end). As well as gaming I’ve been catching up like a demon on my comic books, I’ve read all of (I think) Mighty Thor and caught up just before the live action version was announced! Wolverine and Avengers, and i have to say I’m really impressed with what Marvel’s been putting out on their pages, isn’t it amazing that they seem to show no signs of stopping.


This month I started Pokemon Ultra Moon again, and also started the DLC for Assassins Creed: Odyssey. I grew bored of Ultra Moon after finishing the third island, and so all my time since has been spent on Odyssey. I played the three chapters of The Legacy of the First Blade expansion over a weekend and found it enjoyable enough though it didn’t do much to add to the existing mission types that exist in the base game.

I have just finished the final part of The Fate of Atlantis following its release on 16th July, and I think it definitely provides a satisfying conclusion to Kassandra’s story. The map for Elysium, the Underworld and Atlantis are all gorgeous to play through, but it has to be said that Elysium is by far the most stunning, and the boss fights and exploration in it are the pinnacle of any point in Odyssey. Currently totalling 155 gameplay hours, it is definitely one of my most played games of the last few years, and gets a full recommendation from me.


So I began the month by continuing my mammoth task of playing The Witcher 3 for the first time.. now I could tell you all about it but I’d be repeating myself. For my full Witcher 3 thoughts, make sure to check out my handy video below.

With that cheap plug out of the way lets move on to what else I’ve been playing. I’ve recently played and reviewed a small retro title called Aggelos, it’s a fun little metroidvania type game with a few issues which personally put me off but would likely be a positive thing for most retro lovers. Away from my PS4 I’ve fallen into my usual annual habit of picking up last seasons Football Manager on the cheap. Every year I promise myself I won’t go back to the addictive stat driven game that just eats up evening after evening but here I am again, pulling myself away from trying to take my Sunday League side up the divisions to write this little paragraph for y’all. Right, I’ve got a pretend press conference to get back to…


I have had Gamer’s Fatigue this month in honesty and have struggled to get into anything for a decent amount of time. I came to the end of Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn and was really excited to finally dive into the Heavensward expansion… Until I was met with 7 million fetch quests and it caused me to take a break from my subscription.

Since then, I have started multiple games including Tales of Vesperia HD, Dying Light, Wasteland 2 and others and nothing seems to stick at the moment.

That WAS, until I got my hands on an early copy of Wolfenstein: Youngblood and I am hooked. I can’t say much but stay tuned to Respawning for our videos and reviews coming very soon!


I’ve been playing Super Mario Maker 2 (My thoughts on which are largely the same now as when I reviewed the game), HITMAN 2, and Dark Souls: Remastered. That last game is a new experience to me; I gave Dark Souls a go ages back, but didn’t manage to get into it. Now I have someone to enjoy it with, I’m finding myself pretty into it!

As some of you may know, I also pre-ordered Fire Emblem: Three Houses. I’ve cooled off since learning an unexpected ‘surprise’ about the game, and my hype for it is more or less renewed – I just got home with it in fact, and am looking forward to popping it in once my Switch charges. Although I can’t woo my meme deer, I will still pledge my allegiance to him: the Golden Deer is pretty interesting, even if the cast is a little bit all over the place!


My mind has been in two minds recently – One half creation, and one half destruction; Warframe has utterly hooked me once more, and as I advance through the Star Chart, I’ve been pouring an equally obscene amount of time into Dragon Quest Builders 2 to help stave off the bloodlust – I’ve found myself staying up until 1am many nights in a row to progress through the game, and to make my little villagers happy… God this game reminds me of Dark Cloud… But just wait until my review for that comparison…

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