A few fays ago we were treated to an exciting video (kind of live stream) – The Avengers War Table, all about Crystal Dynamics shiny new Marvel game. Personally I couldn’t be more hyped for this game, a while ago I got treated to a hands on of the demo and now we know even more about this exciting game, what follows is simply a summary of what we learnt.

First off we’ve been told that the big bag is A.I.M who are led by MODOK, all very sciency. If you’ve picked up a comic book in the last few years you’ll have seen these guys being a real big part of a lot of the Avengers problems. Basically what we saw before in the ‘A day’ trailers was MODOK setting up the Avengers to make it look like they destroyed the city, they believed it themselves and decided to disband as they were deemed as a threat. Khamala Khan AKA Ms Marvel is an inhuman with stretchy powers, she discovers that MODOK is behind this and works on getting them back together and ousting AIM. Also behind the scenes Inhumans are being experimented on as the baddies want to rid the world of super powers for good.

The game seems to start as Kamala, as you find different heroes you then play their levels as/with them (below is the gameplay trailer they released for this). These single player levels are called Hero missions, which progress the story and really show off the differences between heroes; for example thor can combo, fly and use mjolnir. Taking influence from The Mighty Thor he has powers such as manual targeting (where Jane can aim the hammer and throw it at them with pin point targeting), or hammer spin for close up combat. There are also special moves to use, these moves have also taken influence from comics and movies e.g Thor opening the Bi-frost to essentially open a huge Asgardian laser. Some of these moves even support other characters such as powering them up, again with Thor he surrounds himself in lightning which heroes can travel through for a buff.

As you gain XP you can unlock new combos and skills (duh) however this does provide tonnes of variety with air, ranged and ground attacks. Meaning that every single person should have unique experiences as we will all decide to upgrade and customise out heroes seperately; for example I may have a classic iron man who relies on heavy artillery and lasers whereas yours may be influenced from the movies and prefer to get up closer. You can also unlock perks and gear which can provide unique damage options such as gamma or even a shrink ray. The gear looks awesome, drawing from such a long history of comics there areq so many outfits to unlock that you’ll recognise and get excited to unlock. Some outfits will require special missions, or even from an online market place ….hmm. You’ll get help in the helicarrier and story from SHIELD agents and inhumans (who join you as you play through the missions) who will give you even more missions and will also unlock new powers, abilities gear etc. usually in the form of being vendors.

CO-OP and warzones: The trailer below showed off how everything mentioned before comes into play – a variety of powers and outfits are shown in quick contrast so you can really see the huge variety of gameplay on offer, you can even customise the dang helicarrier. I am honestly blown away by the sheer amount of content on offer, I know I will be hitting out those special missions to unlock a character’s special boots or special damage buff. I’m sure you’ll agree the combat looks like something we would happily spend a LOT of time on.

Warzones are coop missions (they’re the same thing) Hero missions mentioned before are single play only. Each coop mission is apparently grounded in story, however I think these have to be unlocked through solo play. Here you choose which hero you jump in as and then take on these missions with friends, in wide open maps or close, dense areas – including boss fights and rewards. There are apparently lots of team finishers, to me they didn’t seem like they necessarily linked up but that’s something that may come in time. I am slightly worried that this could just be a game that just chucks constant waves of enemies at you without thinking about much else, but I hope to be proven wrong.

This game does look huge, the game is about rebuilding the avengers to take on AIM, but it promises to carry on the story you see with new characters at no extra cost. I am trying to stifle my hopes for this game so I’m not possibly disappointed in September as this has the potential to be my perfect game. wish the story was more of a surprise but it’s excting to see MODOK being used as a very different style of villain. Are you as excited as I am, let me know in the comments.