Luckily we got to play half an hour of the new avengers game and although it’s what everyone has already seen I was honestly blown away. It was insane how every hero felt so different, almost like they had their own individual game built for them but they’d all been put into this one game. 

My personal highlights were Thor and Cap, you’ve probably read that Thor plays like Kratos and he does, but with more flight and a slightly less intelligent hammer (you can pin enemies on walls and call it back). The combos felt incredible and meaty and it did feel like you could take everyone on. From Thor you switch into Iron Man and it was very much an on rails shooter which didn’t blow me away but the combat was rad. You can fly around quite freely whilst blasting away or go hand to hand, the fluidity of it was just incredible and really really worked! Not much to say about Hulk apart from he is awesome, smashes and feels goddamn powerful. You can jump high and come down hard whilst taking on groups of enemies with ease. Cap was just amazing, the hand to hand combat felt like a beat em up and was so fun to use. You can switch between shield and hand to hand again with ease. I’ve got pretty much the same to say about Black Widow. 

I can’t describe how different everyone felt, uniquely different but each felt like the game I had always wanted from that character. They all had their own style of play, all of whom I just wanted to play more of. What was really interesting was after completing the demo it showed off lots more of the game. You’ll have a choice of coop missions or dedicated hero missions, all of which progress the story in their own way. The levels look semi open world where you choose your hero and explore and fight, with the coop missions being up to 4 people. Also there was promise of huge amounts of customisation where you can choose how they look (seemed to be by body part) and adaptable skill trees where you can create your hero how you want them. 

So essentially unique hero’s, meaty combat which is amazingly fun to use (think Arkham engine) and a huge Marvel world to explore. What’s not to love? This is my favourite game of the weekend so far.

Stay tuned for more from EGX 2019!

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