Square-Enix, the developer, embarks on yet another ambitious journey with FINAL FANTASY VII: EVER CRISIS, seeking to immerse players in a mobile RPG brimming with microtransactions. This time, it finds its home within the captivating universe of the FINAL FANTASY VII franchise, and it’s set to launch globally on September 7th, accessible to gamers on both Android and iOS platforms. The game’s mission is succinctly encapsulated in its tagline: ‘Exploring another avenue for a remake.’

As you read this, you might find yourself audibly sighing at the prospect of yet another reimagining of the immensely popular FINAL FANTASY VII, which initially graced the PlayStation in 1997. Even though this game marked my first entry point into the franchise during my childhood, it profoundly solidified my enduring dedication to the series, inspiring me to explore its extensive array of core titles and offshoots.

Now, you may wonder what fuels my eager anticipation for this remake. Allow me to clarify the reasons behind my excitement.

Expanding Narrative Horizons

As we eagerly await the upcoming iteration known as FINAL FANTASY VII: REBIRTH, slated for an early 2024 release, a mobile game is poised to focus on a faithful reimagining of the original game and the intricate stories interwoven within the Compilation of FINAL FANTASY VII. This compilation includes:

  • The First Soldier: A battle royale game that, regrettably, closed its doors earlier this year.
  • Before Crisis: Initially unveiled in 2004, this title never ventured beyond Japan’s borders.
  • Crisis Core: Originally launched in 2007 and recently remastered just last year.
  • FINAL FANTASY VII: The pioneering release dating back to 1997.

What excites me most is the fresh narrative avenues introduced in The First Soldier arc and the prospect of immersing myself in the long-awaited storyline centred around the enigmatic Turks in Before Crisis. The wealth of narrative content is truly impressive, and although not all of it will be available right from the game’s launch, rest assured, it’s on the horizon. My only hope is that the game enjoys a substantial lifespan, granting ample time for the integration of these captivating story elements. This concern is especially pertinent given the limited longevity often observed in certain other mobile games developed by Square-Enix.

Embracing Nostalgia: Capturing the Essence of the Original

I’m referring to the visual quality in FINAL FANTASY VII: EVER CRISIS, which genuinely pays heartfelt homage to the enthralling visual experience that initially left me awestruck. The game masterfully combines stylised aesthetics while traversing the world of Gaia with the seamless transition to modern, fully-rendered battle sequences, rekindling the same emotions I experienced when I first embarked on this journey with the original PlayStation release many years ago. Granted, a tinge of nostalgia might subtly colour my perspective.

This game serves as a delightful convergence of the original and the remake, seamlessly melding two distinct eras into a single, immersive experience. While it is somewhat disheartening that this captivating world is confined to a mobile platform, I intend to savour it through the Google Play emulator on my PC.

Mix and Match – Crafting the Dream Party

Throughout all promotional materials, the game exclusively showcases characters from its initial stages, including beloved figures like Zack, Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, and Barret.

Considering the expansive narrative content set to unfold across different timelines, we anticipate the exciting prospect of assembling a party composed of the enigmatic Turks and the mysterious Vincent. As I voice this concept, a hint of trepidation already creeps in, envisioning the unique challenges of navigating without a dedicated healer in our party.

Will you be jumping into FINAL FANTASY VII: EVER CRISIS, what are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!

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