I have had a lot going on recently with moving house, various family obligations and work, so there has not really been a lot of down time going on. One day whilst scrolling through TikTok I saw someone playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza and thought hey…that looks fun and immediately went and downloaded it on Switch, and later on mobile. I thought it would be a cute little game just to wind down and pass some time before bed, and now I’m addicted.

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, you run a small pizza shop. It’s quite simple; you take orders, you cook the pizzas. Some customers will ask for a specially named pizza, some will ask simply what they want, but you can always ask “What” if you’re confused. As the game goes on you can earn things to make your life easier, like the pizza buddy that will put on toppings for you, as well as something else later in the game that I won’t mention in order not to spoil the story. I will say it is super handy for complex orders. You can upgrade all your equipment and also buy decorations for your shop to make everything run smoothly and look as beautiful as you want it too! As time goes on you’ll also get more and more toppings for your pizzas.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza also has a fantastic little story line running through it as well. This is where I found the Switch version and the mobile app differ greatly. On the Switch version you can quickly fly through getting all the pizza buddies and all the decorations, but there are only two story chapters instead of four. You miss out on having the garden to grow your own ingredients and also on all the limited time events that they do, it’s still a great time passer but if you’re Googling the game you will be dissatisfied with all that you’re missing out on. I highly recommend getting this on mobile, the only caveat being unless you are getting it for a child to play there are in app purchases on the mobile game, whilst the Switch version has none of this.

The story lines are super cute, and they look at a lot of real life issues like homelessness and corporation corruption and the effect on small business, but in a way which doesn’t feel too taxing. This is alongside more light-hearted storylines like Peppertitti the Egyptian Pharaoh who died without ever having pizza. It’s done really well. My favourite storyline involves a homeless man and some bears (don’t worry it’s happy not grim). There’s also lots of cute cameos from famous people with orders that relate to who they are.

One of my favourite parts about the mobile app is the limited time events. I’ve only gotten to play one so far in my short time playing it which was the bonfyre fest (yes it’s really spelled bonfyre). You’d log in every day and after a day of serving pizzas in your shop you could take a van out to the beach and serve customers there, who all had new and crazy orders as well as a penchant for avocado. There were also lots of cool new limited decorations for your shop and prizes to be had at the end of every day. I’m really looking forward to the next limited time event.

All in all this is a super cute and chill game you can play for a few minutes a day just to unwind. I highly recommend it, though be careful, it’s addictive!

Written by Clarissa.

Edited by Alexx.