After already having news leaked and a trailer dropped earlier today, FIFA took the stage at EA Play and pretty much announced nothing.

We were shown the same trailer that dropped earlier today as well as a long winded and almost pointless interview with Rio Ferdinand. He did however confirm some locations for the upcoming Volta Football mode (aka FIFA Street) including London, Tokyo and Amsterdam as well as news that Women will be playable in Volta mode as well as the basic ability to customise the player.

After that we had an interview with one of the developers who spoke about ball physics for what felt like an eternity as well as a few catchphrases such as authentic game flow, decisive moments and football intelligence which translates to “penalties and freekicks have been tweaked”

All in all there was nothing here to really sink our teeth into and as a FIFA fan I was left disappointed with this lacklustre presentation. Hell we didn’t even see any gameplay footage despite it reportedly being available to play at the EA Play event. The only positive that came out of this was that we have more news to come throughout the summer. Here’s hoping we’ll get some good news coming at the end of July but don’t hold your breath.

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