Just hours ahead of EA Play taking place later today, the publisher last night revealed a short trailer for the upcoming Fifa 20 revealing the release date as September 27th as well as continuing the mysterious tease around the letter ‘V’. You can view the teaser below..

Judging by this tweet it seems as if EA will be revealing the game a few hours ahead of their scheduled press conference at EA Play. A lot of the promotional material has featured the above mentioned letter ‘V’ which many people seem to believe is actually meant to represent the number five – hinting at the return of 5-a-side gameplay maybe even in the style of a returning Fifa Street.

Well judging by people who are attending the event this does indeed seem to be the case! Check out some tweets below that all but confirm the return of the beloved mode..

With the apparent return of Fifa Street as a mode rather than a stand alone game you can all but guarantee that the mode will likely feature in FUT as a way for EA to cash in on it as much as possible. We will have to wait until the start of the event or the reveal at 3pm today for more information so make sure you keep an eye out right here at Respawning for all the latest breaking news around EA Play today.

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