How does the recent Modern Warfare campaign stack up?

After recently completing the campaign for Modern Warfare, I was left wanting more. The way Infinity Ward has constructed the story is quite clever. Its main plot touches slightly on modern day situations, with the undeniable comparisons between its terrorist faction ‘Al-Qatala’ and real life terrorist organisations. It also takes inspiration from real world events, such as the Syrian Civil War and terrorist incidents that have occurred in London. The latter being a more shocking event, as I have physically been to places featured in that sequence.

All too familiar

You take on the part of a few characters, throughout the course of the campaign, from Alex the CIA operative to SAS Sergeant Kyle Garrick. Both characters bringing their own personality to the narrative, during cut scenes and in game dialogue. There was one particular scene during an interrogation, where you play as Garrick, that it became quite uncomfortable to watch. You are also given a choice on how this interrogation ended.

The ‘heroes’ of the story

It’s in moments like this, the campaign shines. The gritty realism, the gut wrenching choices you have to make. I love the fact Infinity Ward hasn’t glamorized war and conflict in any way, it delivers straight to you, no holds barred. And trust me, there are a number of moments in the campaign I found myself leaning back and taking a minute to think about what i’d just taken part in or witnessed.

Whilst the Modern Warfare is still pretty famous for its controversial ‘‘No Russian’’ level, featured in Modern Warfare 2, the new instalment in the franchise isn’t afraid to still push the boundaries, just not as blatantly as its predecessors. This time round, you’re presented with moral choices that effect the outcome of the mission. And it’s these moral choices that really haunt you, as you wonder how people would deal with those choices in the real world.

Still a tough level to play now

And I can’t write this without mentioning the return of possibly one of my favorite game characters – Captain John Price. Only this time round, he’s a little younger and voiced brilliantly by Barry Sloane. Whilst being new to voicing the character, he’s managed to capture the essence of Price perfectly, and whilst I went into this sceptical about a new actor playing him, I’ve been completely won over.

The man, the legend

To answer my initial question, ‘‘Does Modern Warfare need a campaign?’’, most definitely. If Infinity Ward can continue with this new format of moral choices, staying away from simple shock and awe, they have the recipe for some amazing campaign stories and have gained a new devoted fan.

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