Welcome back everyone! As I said previously it’s all a bit gloomy at the moment and we honestly just need to try and keep positive, the following will help with that I can assure you.

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recap: Old Lady House

Possibly the whackiest recommendation on my list, if you haven’t heard of this programme you may have been living in a hole or are part of a secret cult…. Anyways the series follows a gang of absolutely horrid people who run and Irish bar in America, and they’re absolutely nuts. Throw in an absolutely mental character from Danny Devito and you’ve got yourself a recipe for lots of enjoyment. Did I say absolutely enough? Honestly though this is one of those series I binge when each new one becomes available and I can just turn my brain off to and enjoy, and cringe.

All available on Netflix

Parks and Recreation

TV tonight: 'Parks and Recreation Special' benefits Feeding America

Another series I was extremely late to the party on, but has now become one of my favourite series of all time. This show I binged last year and I pretty much didn’t watch anything until I finished it, I in fact remember being ill and finishing off the last season in 1 sitting. Anyway the reason I love this show is because it nails that in between of whacky characters but really enjoyable storylines and developing character arcs. The series is both perfectly hilarious and heart warming and I assure you that you won’t be able to get enough. Plus it’s given us a TONNE of amazing actors who are main stays in movie an TV now.

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Archer' Season 11 Premiere Date Pushed at FXX Due to Coronavirus - Variety

Another animated recommendation from me, there’s really not enough considering how much I love cartoons! And Archer is really the creme de la creme, and it’s funny how both animated series recommended so far are both voiced by H. Jon Benjamin! Archer is one of those Adult Swim cartoons that feel like they’ve been around for a long ass time and should hopefully carry on forever. I was obsessed with it then took and odd break and have come back to it. anyway….. Archer is essentially a James Bond spoof where the main character is an idiot, drunk, womanising spy that just so happens to be really good at achieving his missions. Plus the organisation is run by his mother…



What to watch tonight- is Drifters Britain's answer to Girls? | The  Independent

You know Jessica Knappett right! She was in the inbetweeners movie and has also been in Taskmaster, well she created this programme and wrote most (all?!) of it. This has been a proper lockdown series that me and the missus burnt through and with good reason. The show follows 3 very odd female characters who go against most stereotypes we may have, and follow them as they continually fuck up. Essentially the inbetweeners once they’ve grown up but are women. I really couldn’t get enough of this and hope there’s more coming soon!

On Netflix

Brooklyn 99

Watch Full Episodes | Brooklyn Nine-Nine on FOX

Well surely you know what this show is, if you don’t then you probably don’t like comedy! Andy Samberg, famous from lonely island and Hotrod and lots of other stuff, is a cop/detective in Brooklyn working in the 99th precinct! With a huge host of amazing colleagues the series primarily focuses around his life as he works on crazy cases and juggles his personal life. If you’ve never seen this I can almost guarantee you’ll gobble it all up in one go.


So that’s my lot for the week! Check back soon as this HILARIOUS list continues!!