With baited breath Destiny 2 players awaited more information on the latest season, season 17. Bungie played their cards close to there chest and announced no details were being released until the day of the Seasons launch. However, thanks to Sony Japan releasing the trailer early, we got our answers. Nightmares, on The Leviathan. At the time of writing this piece, the season is now live and I’ve had a chance to play the new seasonal content, and despite this being a new season, everything seems all too familiar. Have we done this before?

The new Season tells the story of Calus, the giant, self appointed ruler of the space rhinos, we affectionally refer to as The Cabal, returning in his planet eating, Las Vegas for space rhinos, pleasure palace, The Leviathan. Seasoned Destiny 2 players will know this place as the first raid destination on the original Destiny 2 vanilla release, way back when we had an actual opening storyline and not some smashed together Destiny 1/Destiny 2 bastardised hybrid they now refer to as ‘New Light’. It was a giant hulking spaceship, on which Calus would while away his days basically taking a booze cruise among the stars. Our job as Guardians was to explore its many depths, secrets and corridors, to find the man himself and stop him from, well, enjoying himself? The point of The Leviathan Raid was a little confusing. It recently disappeared however, during Bungies vaulting stages, it was stashed away and replaced with new content, so we no longer had access to it.

And its back. Sort of. This time around, we don’t actually have access to the whole ship. Only a few select rooms that were featured in the raid itself. And what are we doing this time around? I hear you ask. Exactly the same damn thing we gave up doing, through sheer monotony, on the moon, months ago. Nightmare Hunts. In what can only be described as lazy recycling, Bungie has taken an activity that players stopped bothering with quite a while ago, (Nightmare Hunts released in October 2021). Then took a location they vaulted months ago, smushed them together, threw in some Gambit mechanics (yay, gambit, said no one apart from Luke) and hoped no one would realise they’re basically playing the same content they rinsed and repeated to death months ago. Shame on you Bungie.

In an attempt to pull the wool over Guardian eyes, Bungie have added a few bells and whistles to it, like adding a new vendor in the H.E.L.M and a new set of weapons and armour to grind your pants off for. However, and here’s the real slap in the face, some of the new weapons they’re expecting players to play for, are weapons that most, if not all players, had from The Menagerie, a seasonal activity the Season of Opulence, in 2019!!!

Some could argue this is a way for Bungie to allow new players to attain items that they otherwise couldn’t get due to sunsetting and vaulting. A valid point. But my argument to that would be; why not just have new items for all? The Menagerie weapons were made redundant any way due to the seasons that followed and the levelling system.

Alas though, through all this moaning and complaining I must make a confession. I will continue to play it, as Destiny 2 is still one of my favourite games, Wasted on Destiny is testament to that. –

Yes I’m salty over the lack of new ideas and weapons, but will it stop this Destiny simp from grinding away his hours, sat trying to get a god roll of a weapon, that he’ll never actually use? Probably not! All I ask Bungie, is that we get newer, more exciting content, we know you can do it, The Witchqueen was amazing! And if we don’t get it? Well, I’ve already re-installed The Division 2 after they just released their new seasonal content.