Dell has just showcased their entry into the portable gaming market, with the ‘Concept UFO’. This device is a portable gaming handheld, built on a mini Windows 10 PC, running Dell’s custom interface on the top.

The device can be used handheld and on a separate display. The full specs of the device have yet to be released, as Dell have said it is a concept device and is still in development. The device ‘borrows’ a lot ideas from Nintendo’s hugely successful Switch gaming device. It has two detachable controllers, mounted either side of the 8-inch, 1900×1200 resolution, FHD display.

Although details of its processing power are currently scarce, the Concept UFO will feature a 10th-gen Intel Core processor and Thunderbolt 3 connectivity, making it much more powerful than Nintendo’s portable.

During its demonstration, journalists were given the chance to play a number of PC titles on the device, including Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 and the latest Mortal Kombat. As Dell is the owner of the Alienware brand, its high end gaming brand, the UFO is heavily marketed with the Alienware brand in mind.

There are lighting elements around the joysticks on either of the controllers, along with the Alien Head logo on the back of the device. And i’m sure you’ll be able to customize this lighting through something like the Alienware Control Center. 

Because this is just a concept, we don’t know when the Concept UFO will see the light of day (if it does, in fact, see the light of day), or how much it will cost. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if this device didn’t launch until 2021. As for the price, still no confirmation on this, but given its features, it most likely won’t be cheap.

Dell’s full CES presentation, called DELL Experience. Can be seen here –

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