Ah LEGO, the timeless ago old toy, the OG creativity toy, the, be all end all of the industry. What’s not to love about LEGO!

LEGO Worlds puts me in mind of a ‘ship in a bottle’, this mundane, tedious thing, that requires intense focus and attention to detail. Consuming whole days of your life, and giving you nothing in return. When LEGO Worlds first came out in 2017 I was all over it. An online open world LEGO game? Where you can build whatever you want? Heck yes sign me up!

Unfortunately for me, my PC at the time was, well, crap. But, it finally came out on PS4 and I finally bought it and, I regret it. To call LEGO Worlds disappointing is an understatement for a LEGO loving nerd like myself. You ever walk into a toy store? And see the isle’s upon isles dedicated to LEGO alone. LEGO city, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Agents, LEGO Power Knights, LEGO, LEGO, LEGO. There’s depth, variety, endless possibilities. LEGO Worlds? Has none of that. What you get in LEGO Worlds is about 20ish boring, samey Biomes, most of which are just variations of ‘a forest’ filled with a sparse handful of set pieces, NPC LEGO people and vehicles.

For someone like me, LEGO Worlds is an offhanded insult. I went into a Burger King, ordered their biggest, juiciest burger, and got a day old vegetarian Big Mac from a failing McDonalds. That’s what I feel like when playing LEGO Worlds. It’s a game best represented by a steadily declining line graph representing my general engagement and satisfaction. Now that’s not to say it’s a bad game, overall its mechanics and gameplay are solid, and for what it is, it is amusing. It evokes the fun of your basic LEGO game. Namely running around beating people to literal pieces and blowing stuff up with bazookas, lava guns, and huge bombs. You’re also given a range of tools, through the very brief tutorial. There’s the discovery tool, for ‘discovering’ items, vehicles, animals, etc. So you can endlessly respawn them at your will. There’s the copy paste tool, pretty self-explanatory. There’s the terrain deformation tool, the paint tool, and of course, the precision build tool, where the games ‘create what you want’ attitude falls flat.

I mentioned ‘ship in a bottle’ before, and that’s spot on, building any custom structure in LEGO Worlds, is a trip into madness. It takes hours to build anything of notable effort or fin finesse. If you want to just build a box, easy enough, but if you want to build a huge ass medieval super castle? Ooooh boy, prepare to waste hours, if not days of your life, placing every single, individual, brick.

Its anaemic, it’s anorexic, its thin, flat, it’s a salad when you want steak. It’s just, not a good game with the product it represents. Ive been around since the first gen bionicls, the old, deep sea LEGO sets, and the sorely missed Exo Knights sets. Nothing interesting happens in LEGO Worlds, It has nothing to incentivise you with. Once you’ve unlocked all the world sizes, that’s it. It boils down to just, generate world, do challenges, get gold brick, repeat. That’s it, that’s gameplay, that’s all there is.

I really have nothing much else to say about LEGO Worlds, it’s just a disappointment. It’s something I thought would be good, but wasn’t, it’s something I regret buying, and I feel like I wasted three days of my life playing it. Made by Traveller’s Tales, LEGO worlds Is, when it comes to the line, a good game that is ultimately overshadowed by the product it represents. Released in March of 2017. It is sad to say, but LEGO Worlds is just a flop.

If you want to experience LEGO, buy a LEGO set.

5.0 / 10