Welcome to part 2 of my games of the decade list! If you missed the last entry, you can find it here! Let’s get right into it…

Originally in the PS4-XBONE race I picked the Xbox One… So I’m going to start with some of my favourites for that console!

I’m gonna kick off with Sunset Overdrive – I really wish this game picked up more than it did because I absolutely loved it! Being a long time hardcore COD Zombies lover, and a fan of pop-punk art, it was right up my street. I loved the bright colours the funny storyline, all the factions and the gameplay in general. I just enjoyed playing through this game.

Next up is Ori and the Blind Forest! This game I found infuriatingly difficult at times, but its just so beautiful that you can’t not love it. I’m so happy there are going to be more entries in this enchanting little franchise.

Moving on to the PS4, I bought my PS4 to play Horizon Zero Dawn, and I have zero regrets! Horizon Zero Dawn is easily in my top three games of the decade – It’s stunning, it has a strong female lead who doesn’t have to have a romantic interest to be interesting, and the storyline is just right up my street! I can’t love this game any more, and I really really hope that it gets a sequel; I have been anxiously waiting!

Next is another PS4 exclusive – Spiderman. I honestly didn’t expect this game to be as good as it was! Now I don’t mean in general, I just mean in regards to my interest – I actually am well on my way to Platinum-ing it… Something that I never ever do. It’s a game that keeps me coming back, I just enjoy swinging around and doing all the various side quests.

Overwatch… Oh what can I say about Overwatch that you don’t already know..! This has become my new COD Zombies-type obsession; the game I go to to de-stress! I started as a D.Va main and have gradually worked my way to being a pretty good all-rounder. I love the different events, I love the animated short,. I love the comics… I just love Overwatch!

Next is What remains of Edith finch. This is more of an interactive story rather than a game. But its stunning and interesting and heart wrenching and a big old mystery. That I won’t say much more about but honestly….play it!

Lastly for the PS4 are the Jackbox Party Packs. These are endless hours of fun, best played with a group of friends or family that you know well. Although some of them can be good ice breakers! You play with your mobile, and even if you reach the player limit, other people can join in. It’s brilliant.

To kick off the Switch games we have The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. There’s no way I couldn’t include this beautiful game that I have plunged well over 120 hours into! It’s stunning, we all know that. I’m sure I don’t have to convince you.

To go next is Stardew Valley. This cute farming life simulator is way more than just that – It includes lots of different things that you can do. But the star of this game is the interactions, backstories and personalities of the NPCs in this game. A whole range of real life issues are covered, including hard hitting things like alcoholism and depression. It’s just a gem of a game.

Moving on next to Luigi’s Mansion. This game surprised me with how much I loved it! It’s charming, fun and challenging for all ages – It’s beautifully done and makes a nice change from the Mario-centric games!

Wrapping up the list finally, we have Pokemon Sword. The first Pokemon game that I’m playing all the way through! I’m stuck to this game like glue, and have the motivation to catch them all, regardless of the surrounding controversies. I’ve really really enjoyed this game.

Of course there have been many many more games over the years – Too many to list… But these are some of the games that have really stuck out for me! How about you? What’s been some of your favourites?

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