Blessed unleashed in a new free to play MMORPG from Bandai Namco playable Xbox One and One X. Based in the world of Lumios you can play as one of five classes like Berserkers or priests and within those classes are races to choose from such as Humans and Elves. The character creations doesn’t disappoint allowing access to a lot of different opinions and styles. 

After creating your character you start the game in a dream which also doubles as a tutorial for you to play and get a hands on feel of the controls and as tutorials go this one not that bad, the controls flow with the gameplay and it doesn’t feel like a simulation. 

You wake from a dream in town that is celebrating a festival and there are quite a few characters to speak to and a few side quests to do which allows you to gain experience and items. You don’t have to do the side quest you can just go straight ahead with the main missions however I did find them helpful in levelling up.   

Once you speak to the main characters everything goes pear shape when the town is invaded by a cult and their monsters. You and a few other people manage to escape and survive, and this is where you really start your adventure. 

Blessed unleashed is your typical RPG just with the MMO added in, there are a multitude of quests to choose from fetch and retrieve quests to killing monsters and just about everything in between.  

The MMO factor really helps as there will always be someone in the area that needs or is willing to help you can link up with other players to complete quests and maybe later in the game dungeons.  

There are a few annoying factors such as the enemy spawns are pretty quick and the animations can feel a bit slow but it counteracts that with the many different paths you choose to upgrade your character as you progress  

As MMORGPs go this one is good it has it pros and its cons I have enjoyed playing it and will carry on to do so. I would recommend Blessed unleashed to anyone who doesn’t mind a grind. 

I would give blessed unleashed 7/10 

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