With the release of the new Assassins creed announced for end of this year. I thought we would recap the story so far following the timeline chronology starting off with Assassins Creed Odyssey and working up through the years.

But first the back story. The Assassins Creed story dates back thousands of years to the Isu, commonly known as the ones who came before or the First civilization, that are seen throughout the games within the cut scenes. Although their origins are still unclear, we know that they were a race of highly advances humanoid beings from earth and that they were the creators of the artifacts known as the pieces of Eden. They were also the ones that created human beings in their own image although we are told that humanity was created, to survive Earths harsh environments it is also made clear that humanity was also not intended to be intelligent, but to be resilient cattle work force to suits that of their creators needs. A neurotransmitter was put deep in the human’s brain as part of their DNA so it could be passed down through the generations thus allowing them to be controlled by pieces of Eden. 

Da Vinci with an Apple of Eden

However Isu- humans hybrids, who were a result of interbreeding, are immune to this power as they did not possess the neurotransmitter, these hybrids did not take kindly to the enslavement of their kind and the two of them (incidentally called Adam and Eve) started a revolution in 75,010 BCE for the freedom of humanity therefore causing the start of the human Isu war which lasted a decade. After stealing an artifact known as an apple of Eden, Adam and Eve tried to escape but were stopped by some unknown force which is yet to be explained in the games. 

Adam and Eve

They would go on to be the parents of Cain and Abel, with the apple being passed down Abel, Cain would go on to kill his brother in order to obtain his apple of Eden and become the founder of the organisation called the children of Cain, the name changes throughout the yeas but now known as the Knights Templar with the mark of Cain becoming their insignia. 

Insignia of the Knights Templar

The main Isu you see in cutscenes throughout the games, are part of the Capitoline triad known as  Juno, Jupiter and Minerva, who were Isu scientists dedicated to preventing their civilisations destruction at the hands of the great catastrophe, which took the form of a solar flare. Locking themselves in the grand temple they would collect and test the results they found in the other temples they had built around the globe in order to create simulations of the disaster to best find how to save the planet. 

Upon finding out they would fail, they sought to find a way to protect the humans from the disaster in the future this lead to the creation of the eye and the imprisonment of Juno, Minerva created interactive holographic messages within these underground temples for those of the future, showing them how to use the eye to save the world from impending doom. When the solar flare hit earth, it wiped out most of the Isu and a lot of the human. Unlike the humans who were created to be resilient the Isu would not recover from this and decline into extinction but became part of legends and even formed the basis of human religions, through the ages. 

The Grand Temple in Italy

The first known Templar is Cain, but the first assassin ideology is traced back to Adam and Eve, who are known as the first proto assassins, when they revolted against the Isu. Whereas as the Templars seek to free humanity through a twisted form of control using the pieces of Eden, the assassins seek to allow humans to retain their ability of free will. Some humans that survived the great catastrophe and that were not children of Cain carried on the work of Adam and Eve fighting for humanity freedom from servitude this ultimately being why they clash with the Templars over the pieces of Eden.

Knights Templar Vs. Assasins

This responsibility was passed down through generations within bloodlines. Such as the bloodline of King Leonidas who fought to keep Greece free from the Persian king Xerxes and his supporters known as the order of the Ancients as well as the cult of Kosmos, both proto-Templar groups, during the battle of Thermopylae. In 465 BCE a group of freedom fighter from Persia, who were also descendent of theses bloodlines, consisting of Darius, Amorges and Pactyas  opposed the tyrant rule of King Xerxes and his supporters, the order of the Ancient and their counterpart the cult of Kosmos, Planned and executed an ambush on the king resulting in Darius killing Xerxes with a hidden blade. This became first documented use of the hidden blade.  

The assignation of King Xerxes

And that is pretty much the entirety of the initial backstory and scene setting for what will be Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Check out my video below which covers what you’ve read here and goes into the story of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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