Assassins Creed Origins is the tenth instalment of the franchise and is based during the Ptolemaic era in Egypt during the reign of Ptolemy the 13th just after he declares Cleopatra a criminal. The story follows of two Medjays; Bayek and his wife Aya, who is the descendant of Darius, the first one to use the hidden blade, and your character choice in Odyssey.

The famous Pyramids of Egypt

In 49 BC Bayek is the Medjay of Siwa, an oasis in the Egyptian desert along with his wife Aya and his son Khemu. While out looking for supplies for a ceremony Khemu’s friend is kidnapped by mysterious men to get a hold of Bayek, once they have Bayek they taken him to a temple of Amun where he finds out that have also kidnapped Khemu. There he is confronted by five masked men who hand Khemu a golden orb and demand they open the secret vault. They are disrupted by the arrival of the pharaoh. While these men are distracted Khemu helps his farther escape by stealing a knife off one of the men while they are not looking. Bayek is cutting himself loose when the men come back. There is a struggle and as Bayek tries to kill one of the men the masked man moves to the side sending Bayek straight towards Khemu with the knife accidently stabbing his son in the chest killing him.

Bayek with his son Khemu

The game then jumps to a year later and Bayek has left Siwa to hunt down the masked men who killed his son. The first one he finds is called The Heron who he kills. His next target is a priest in Siwa know as The Ibis after reconnecting with an old friend and helping out a few people he tracks down an kills The Ibis who had been torturing the local citizens on a way to open the vault. After killing The Ibis, Bayek heads to Alexandria where Aya has been tracking the other members of the masked men. Upon arrival he learns that Aya has already killed The Vulture and The Ram leaving only one target left known as The Snake. After doing some investigation Bayek learns that The Snake is in fact a royal scribe. Before Bayek leaves to find The Snake Aya gives him the blade that was used to kill Xerxes in in 465 BC. He wears it different to its original owner, which cost him his ring finger when he tracked down The Snake to a bath house and kills him.  

The Five masked men

The Snakes last words which implies that there are more masked men then Bayek first thought and after speaking with Aya she directs him towards a man named Apollodorus for more information he in turn introduces Bayek to Cleopatra. It is in this meeting Bayek finds out that Cleopatra was ousted from her thrown by these men who intend to use her younger brother as a puppet to control all of Egypt. He also finds out they call themselves the Order of Ancients. He is given four new targets who are all members and that The Snake was called The Hippo and The Snake is in fact another name for the order. Bayek agrees to become one of Cleopatra’s Medjays and begins to take down and kill the four new targets called The Scarab, HyenaLizard and Crocodile. While Bayek is hunting down and killing the four Aya manages to convince Pompey the great to side with Cleopatra, she also learns that there are even more members and sends a letter to Bayek explain that some of the members are a part of Ptolemy’s royal guard. It is at this point Bayek starts to question his mission as is has started to feel as if Cleopatra is using him to kill off those who are against her having the throne but is persuaded by Aya that this is not the case. 


Cleopatra’s ally Pompey is killed by Lucius Septimius a member of the order known as The Jackal. This event causes Cleopatra to seek the aid of Julius Caesar who is in meeting with her younger brother to come to a form of partnership. Bayek and Aya sneak Cleopatra into the palace in a rug for her to speak with Caesar and she manages to convince him to support her instead of her brother. Bayek finds out that one of Ptolemy’s regents is a member of the order called The Scorpion so tracks and kills him too.  but he is stopped from killing The Jackal who is pardoned by Caesar. After the fall of his court Ptolemy the 13th flees and as he tried to cross the Nile he is eaten by crocodiles.  

After Ptolemy is killed and the civil war ends Cleopatra takes the throne as ruler of Egypt, her and Caesar form a partnership with Septimius as his advisor, she also cut ties with both Bayek and Aya. With this act Bayek, Aya and their supporters realise that Septimius has managed to convince Cleopatra and Caesar to align with the order. Resenting themselves for helping Cleopatra, they gather all the allies they have made on their journey and create the first brotherhood to counter the order’s goals and to protect the free will of the people of Egypt. Bayek and Aya investigate the tomb of Alexander the great after recalling the orders interest in the vault. Upon arrival they find a mortally wounded Apollodorus. They also discover Septimius one of Caesar’s lieutenants, Flavius, who is the true leader of the order, and known as The Lion have the staff and orb that where in Alexander the Great tomb (unknown to them these are pieces of Eden) and are heading back to the vault in Siwa.   

Cleopatra Taking the Throne

Upon arrival of the vault they find it open. Bayek ventures off to find Flavius who he finds in Cyrene with an activated Apple of Eden and is using to  control the population and hold them in thrall. After a long battle Bayek kills Flavius finally able to avenge Khemu’s death and returns to Aya. In that time Aya has successfully recruited Brutus and Gaius. She plans to follow Caesar to Rome and kill him. Divided by the paths they have taken, the blood they have spilled and the loss of their child, Bayek and Aya decide to part ways with Aya heading to Rome with Brutus and Gaius in pursuit of Caesar and Bayek swearing to protect Egypt from the shadows. The first brotherhood is formed when they both Swear to protect the world from the order. As they part on a beach Bayek decided to part with his eagle skull charm, which was his son, Khemu’s necklace. Aya picks it up and notices the imprint in the sand this becomes the icon for their new brotherhood. 

Aya travel to Rome with Brutus and Gaius and upon arrival she wastes no time hunting down and finding Septimius who now owns the staff of Eden, she defats and kills him. While Aya is tracking own Septimius Brutus and Gaius recruit forty senators who were worried about Caesar’s growing power after he appointed himself as dictator. After creating a plan with the co-conspirators, Aya proceeds to infiltrate the Rome senate in which Brutus, Gaius and the other co-conspirators proceed to stab Caesar with Aya striking the final blow. Aya later meets with Cleopatra and warns her that is she is not a fair ruler she will be back to assassinate her too. 

After all this both Bayek and Aya, who is now calling herself Amunet, begin to recruit and train members for their brotherhoods in both Egypt and Rome allowing them to grow.  

And that is how Origins fits and connects Odyssey into the assassin’s creed story.