Matt Glanville, a lead designer on Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty and creator of one of my favourite switch game, Switch ‘N’ Shoot has two great new games coming out on the Nintendo Switch July 3rd.

The first is Singled Out is a simple and painfully addictive (seriously I spent a solid 4 hour block playing this) game where you have 10 seconds to shoot the GALACTIC SUPERCRIMINAL by matching body parts…well face parts, think Guess Who but with a sniper rifle, short and tense and worth a look.

The other game out on the same day is Ghost Grab 3000, a gradually building bullet hell ghost hunting game where you a small robot will have to grab a ghost with your tether and try your best to chain the rest together before eradicating them from existence. Destroy endless waves of increasing difficulty, navigate a frantic phantom bullet hell, and unlock ‘Robot Mods’ to help you climb the leaderboards. Each session lasts just a few minutes! It’s perfect to kill some time (and ghosts) during a lunch break or to compete with friends!

I’ve played both of these games and they will be the subject of this weeks Bear’s Den so look out for the review this Sunday (21st June).

Both these games release the same day July 3rd 2020, check out their trailers below.