22/09 Update:

A local source has reported that the leaked Pokemon began appearing in his area after the end of the community day. They were discovered to be incredibly small in the overworld, even more so than Sunkerns, and fully animated. In battle, they appeared as ‘???’, and had ‘???’ CP as well. Once caught, the mystery Pokemon immediately evolve into Ditto. The source joked that this could be Ditto’s missing evolution, but anything’s possible. Still no word on the situation from Nintendo or other official sources. Screenshots of the sources encounters may be found below (identifying information obscured).


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Earlier today, well-known Pokemon Go dataminer, Charles, released a screenshot reportedly showing the Pokemon that will debut with the release of Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee later this year.

The unnamed Pokemon was discovered under ID tag 891 in a Pokemon Go update, hidden behind the name of the pre-existing Pokemon, Kecleon (fittingly, a Chameleon-styled Pokemon). The number suggests that the Pokemon in question may come from later in the next generation’s lineup – we’re only officially at 807, with Zeraora.

It is unknown if the design is a placeholder or not – several users have noted that the icon is very similar to Ditto’s, but there does not appear to be any explanation for the more detailed gear aspect of the design, nor the fact that both normal and shiny versions have been rendered.

Public reaction to the leak has been mixed.

Nintendo, Game Freak, and Niantic have yet to comment on the issue. We’ll post more news on this reveal as it comes in.