We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! This week saw the release of 2K’s annual title – WWE 2K20, and to say it came with it’s fair share of bugs would be an understatement! Though we’re not here to poo poo all over it, instead we want to look at the funny side of things and get together to discuss the most hilarious glitches and bugs we’ve seen in games.

There’s certainly been some amazing glitches in the history of gaming, but can anything beat when ragdolls go wrong? Intended to simulate the ‘human’ body, ragdoll physics first entered gaming quite spectacularly with 1998’s Jurassic Park: Trespasser. I mean, just look at that jelly arm! And whilst the noodley-aspects were slowly refined overtime (with some real over-compensating like the early Hitman games’ stiff bodies), the main crux of how these physics worked has remained the same: joints connected by bones, with the joints given preference over all. So you can end up with amazing things like a body falling over a balcony, but the hand getting stuck on the railing so the body just super stretches, because the game is favouring the joint over the bone! Watching game physics fight with itself is always an amazing site; check out RR Gaming’s fantastic video below for some quality examples.

Credit to RarelyRational for the above video – Check them out here!

I have to stick with the inspiration for this weeks discussion and that’s the recent release of WWE 2K20. What a steaming pile of dog turd that game looks to be. I’m truly glad I dodged a bullet with this one, so with that being said I feel safe enough to sit back and just laugh at the endless bugs that keep cropping up on my timeline. My personal favourite so far though is this bad boy…

And this really is just the tip of the iceberg. Make sure to search Twitter for #FixWWE2K20 for more solid gold like this! On a more serious note though, I do sincerely hope it’s patched soon for all the unfortunate souls who did get tricked into purchasing this monstrosity on day one!

Juuuuust gonna leave this here…

GOD DAMNIT JAVIER I WAS GONNA DO THAT. NOW I HAVE TO THINK. I thiiiiiiink my favourite glitch I have ever seen has gotta be the immortal man on Fallout 76 and how this person exploited it to gain access to all the areas of the game you aren’t supposed to go. I think my favourite part about it is that it perfectly sums up 2019’s Bethesda because they wrote to Bethesda and they just didn’t care…

There’s one glitch that has caused me to belly laugh hard. Like, not just chuckling, but full on laughing so hard that I cried… And there’s only one thing I have to say to start it all off…



God I fucking love Heavy Rain for this single reason. Press X to Shaun / Jason for life.

I’ve had my share of glitches in games, but I want to talk about an amazing time I’ve made a game crash. I was playing Turok: Evolution on my backwards compatible Playstation 3. Turok was one of my favourite games of the PS2 generation, made even more so when the game crashed as I gorily killed a T-Rex with a rocket launcher. I like to think the game and console couldn’t handle the awesomeness of that situation, and shut itself down to avoid bursting into flames.

Also on my PS3, I once crashed GTA IV by angling my TV and console near to my window, which overlooked the street, and walking down the street with my controller while still playing to see how far away I could get before the game would stop registering my inputs. If memory serves, I think I made it about 15 metres before not only did the game stop noticing me, but it crashed altogether. I didn’t try that again, though I do wonder if a PS4’s controller would let me get further…

I haven’t really come across any particularly funny glitches in my gaming time, only the rare annoying ones and the occasional helpful ones. To start with an annoying one, on my PC playthrough of Another Sight, I reached a point at which my character just sunk through the floor and I couldn’t continue the game… As for the helpful one there was a point in Horizon Zero Dawn where I was pushed into and under a house, this proved useful as the beasties after me continued to attack, but couldn’t reach me so I was able to just fire arrows all the live-long-day! 

Soooo I dunno if this count’s as a glitch or a bug, or just AI being stupid as all hell. But my most memorable fuck up so to say was in GTA 4. I was trying to see how fast I could get the GT bullet I believe it was, to go. In the process I rear ended a civilian AI’s car so hard that it caught on fire.

The driver fell out of said car, screaming and on fire, but then proceeded to stop, roll over, stand up, walk back to her car, get back into the burning car that was about to explode. Then tried to push past two other crashed cars, before blowing the entire intersection to smithereens. To this day I have never, ever seen AI screw up that badly and oh boy it still makes me smile to this day. 

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