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Seeing as it’s the day of love we thought we’d all talk about our favourite Rom-coms to get us in to that romantic mood.


Rom coms are that type of movie that I always think i’m not going to enjoy and HAVE to sit through with the missus, then I end up enjoying the whole bloody thing! Recently we watched along came Polly and I actually had a good time with, Ben Stiller’s comedy and Jennifer Aniston’s great ‘acting’ make for a nice watchable film.

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My two favourite rom-coms both feature Steve Carell and are 40 year old virgin and crazy, stupid love. I actually like these 2 as films and not just a silly popcorn flick (although they kind of are). The comedy element is what really makes me enjoy them and Mr Carell obviously helps this.

Looking way back there are some bloody good classics too like Liar liar and something about Mary. I’ll still watch and enjoy these films to this day.


Rom-Coms are one of those types of films guys hate to love, I know I definitely do. The way that good humor and a nice love story goes hand in hand together is always great. I can’t say I’ve watched a lot of them recently but when my sister used to put one on, I always ended up coming into join in the film.

When I think about Rom-Com’s there’s two that immediately jump to mind. The first one is obviously a flick, being Friends With benefits, Ft Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake. Two people who don’t want a relationship, decide to fuck with no strings attached… become attached… get together, the end. a good watch.

The other film is arguably one of the best films ever made. While its closer to being just a comedy film than a flick, it definitely has strong themes‎ of getting with someone. The film is 17 Again. Matthew Perry and Zac Efron costar the roll of Mike O’Donnell (at different ages) as we watch him get his life back on track while helping the people he loves.

I think deep down I’m always going to enjoy films like these, but don’t tell anyone I said that…


You’re wrong if you don’t think Mark Ruffalo is the hottest boy out there. 13 going on 30 is about a girl who wishes she was older and had a boyfriend. Then after going in a closet she wakes up 17 years in the future as a 30 year old. It’s a pretty funky film with some good hearted quotes. But the main hook is Mark Ruffalo being the side romantic interest in this film. He’s sort of the good guy that you want her to get with but she keeps making stupid decisions. I think all I’ve learned from this is that I really want to become 30 years old and move in with Mark Ruffalo, I mean the guys an Avenger after all.


One film that you could consider a Rom-Com that I’m surprised that none of these lads has mentioned is the infamously brilliant Scott Pilgrim VS the World movie, featuring Micheal Cera as the socially awkward Scott, and Mary Elizabeth Winstead playing the dreamy Ramona Flowers (Admittedly the source of many-a-teen crush, including mine).

Whilst straying from conventional Rom-Coms by featuring a bit more action than other romantic films, it still follows the same similar tropes – Loser guy has the hots for the token hot girl, having to clash with her ex… Or at least all 7 of them. Scott Pilgrim VS the World is that sort of film you can cuddle up to with your nerdy other and just feel good, jamming out to The Prodigy in the meanwhile – To me, that’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s…!