Cat President – A More Purrfect Union is a pure gem of a game; this enthralling Visual Novel puts you in the shoes of yourself, running alongside one of six complex Purresidential Candidates; Frisky, the perverted, woman-loving houn-…Uh…Feline; Thunderpaw, the Trump-inspired, racist candidate whom has a mass legion of catty, racist followers; DJ Nibbles, the innocent, pure candidate that has ambitions for Purresidency; Dr Nom Noms, a candidate that never intended to become a candidate; Kale, the beaten dark…Uh…Cat candidate (I can’t really use dark horse here can I?); and, finally, Rover, a purebreed cat that simply wants equality for all and is totally not hiding some sort of secret at all, no, not at all. Pinky promise. Swear on my life.


After witnessing a rather heated debate between the six candidates, you get hired by whichever one you choose, and follow them in their journey into Purresidency…On your way you’ll experience love…Betrayal…Racism…Sabotage…And much, much more.

Let me say this right off the bat, and address the elephant in the room; yes, yes you can romance each and every one of the candidates. Yes, it’s odd, and yes, it’s bizarre, but hey – It just enhances the feel of the game; the game throws you into a world of witty dialogue, well-crafted plot threads and interesting characters; and I’m not even being sarcastic there! The game legitimately has some amazing characters, and despite the ridiculous plot and dimwitted main character, I was on the edge of my seat at each revelation.


Each campaign will set you back around 90 minutes each to finish the 10 Chapters in each candidate’s campaign, meaning you’ll get around 540 minutes, or 9 hours of gameplay, if you get the best endings on your first attempt. The dialogue alone makes up for the time invested, especially if you’re voicing each of the characters with friends, just go in open minded and have fun!

For my playthrough, I followed Rover’s campaign, and, whilst I won’t disclose spoilers in this review, I was shocked at some twists and turns when the cat was let out the bag; the main reveal of the story left me barking mad, especially since I hadn’t even had a single bone thrown my way – The way that certain characters and candidates pussyfoot around certain situations truly left an impact on me.


For me, Cat President is just a whole lot of dumb fun; the game isn’t visually pleasing, nor is it technical in any leaps or bounds, but my god do I love it – This game is definitely one to keep out of the litter box, and should be set atop the scratching posts of fame for just how much fun you can have with it after a few drinks with some purrfect company.


I would rate Cat President a 7/10.

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