Welcome to a brand new segment we’re opening up on Respawning, known as “Newbs Attempt”! We’ll be running Livestreams every so often, showing our various failures whilst getting attuned to games! It could be anything from Overwatch, to Dark Souls, Kingdom Hearts, to even simple games like Mario Galaxy!

The only prerequisite is that we have to have:

A) Never played the game before


B) If we have played the game before, we have to attempt it on the hardest difficulty (I.E. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Level 1 Critical Kingdom Key Only).

We’ll usually stream to either Twitch or YouTube (Or both!), so make sure that you keep your eyes out on our Social Media pages to see when and what the next Livestreams will be! Now, without further ado….Allow me to present me and Luke, Two Newbs Attempting….Overwatch!