Hopefully you’ve read part 1 before you’ve cracked on with part 2..! Welcome back to my definitive TV list for the year, promising a variety of genres, perfect for all that spare time you’ll have over Christmas! It’s worth noting that The Witcher will likely rank high in this list but that ain’t out yet… So here’s the end of my list.

6) Brassic

Joseph Gilgan is the only actor to be a main star on 2 of the shows in my list and for good reason, he’s fucking awesome! Brassic was co-created by him and it’s absolutely hilarious. Following his character Vinnie, who has bipolar, getting into a lot of trouble trying to make money in very dodgy ways. I really liked how so many different stories were weaved into the show and everyone got a spotlight of sorts in various episodes. It’s very, very funny and I think they’ve started something big here.

5) Seven Deadly Sins Season 3

Moving fast into one of my favourite animes of all time, I obsessively watched everything this show had to offer in about 3 weeks; I literally couldn’t stop! Mixing up medieval Britain, demons, magic and much more, Seven Deadly Sins has enough charm to please even the grumpiest troll. I genuinely found none of the characters annoying (most animes have at least 1 or 2 that I can’t stand), and really enjoyed all of the story and action; this is an anime I can’t recommend enough.

4) Preacher Series 4

Finishing with a bang (in fact lots of bangs) Preacher finished as it started, absolutely sublimely. I think it finished as well as it could have and a lot better than a lot of series *cough* Game of Thrones *cough* and gave all of the characters the close they deserved, and that’s all I’ll say. I’m so glad that this show was made as it gives a VERY different outlook at what’s possible for comic series on TV. I think the Preacher is responsible for lots of the other awesome shit we have nowadays and can’t thank it enough for opening certain doors. Jessie Custer is the most awesome anti-hero you ever saw.

3) The Mandolorian

THE MOTHER FUCKING MANDALORIAN. Zooming in late in the year and pleasing the young boy inside me like no other. It helps that I am in my little Star Wars bubble right now, and this hit the sweet spot but it’s so cool to see a different side to the Mandalorians AND see something that’s set between episodes 6 and 7. And yes obviously baby Yoda is very very cool as well. This show offered me something that I didn’t know I wanted to see in Star Wars but has made me want a lot more of it. 

2) Happy Series 2

I don’t know how popular this show is as I don’t really see it getting spoken about a lot, but it is simply awesome. The first series showed a very dark side of Christmas (perfect for this time of year), and series 2 messes up Easter! The show is a zany mix of action, violence, insanity and comedy all mashed up into this visually bonkers comic book series. Nick Sax is tasked with forming a relationship with his daughter whilst letting her down, because he’s doing his best to track down some very bad people who helped in kidnapping her in series 1. Alongside this, his imaginary friend (who used to be his daughter’s) is going through puberty, which seems to be heard of for IMs. Everyone gets expanded story beats and everything is dealt with in a really fun yet brutally entertaining way; I want everyone to watch it so we continue to get more!

1) The Boys

What a bloody, visceral, insanely entertaining this turned out to be. This is one of those rare occasions where I had high expectations for something and they got smashed. The Boys takes a very dark and alternative look at the nasty side of super heroes, making us think maybe they aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. We follow a team lead my the almighty Karl Urban who have all been wronged in one way or another by the heroes of their world and want to take revenge. It’s as realistic as it can be and has some very disturbing scenes that had me cringing at times, all I’ll say is The Deep’s sex scene… I am so freaking happy this exists and I know there will be tonnes more of it to come our way!

So that’s it, that’s my top 12 TV shows of the year. There are some show I haven’t watched yet and some that were absolute honkers. Let me know what you would have put in!

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