Hey guys and gals, it’s been a while since I’ve done a list, especially a TV one! If there’s one thing I do as much as game it’s sit on my ass and watch the old gogglebox. 2019 has actually been a really good year for a mixture of genres and TV as a whole, so here are my top 12, and it’s ranked…

12) Game Face Season 2

You may or may not have heard of Game Face, I’m using this as a starter as it’s so incredibly easy to watch. Both series are 6 episodes long and are about half an hour per episode, making it incredibly easy to digest. Roisin Conaty plays an actress who’s struggling to get work and is really just struggling at life as whole – She decides to go into a kind-of-therapy that’s very comedic and has a lot of familiar faces. As the series goes in she gets mixed up in various relationships, and slowly progresses her career and herself. I stormed through this as it was just so light hearted yet hilarious. I am so keen for Season 3!

11) Fleabag Season 2

I watched half of season 1 when it first came out ages ago, I then came back ’round to it this year and watched the entirety of season 1 and 2 in 3 nights, which is kind of insane. Giving a really different look at messed up family relationships and loss, Fleabag is a slightly upper class look at London life (something I know little of)… Yet it hits the sweet spot between drama and comedy which just had me coming back for more and more; it’s also the only series I’ve seen where Olivia Coleman plays a really evil woman! What I really liked is that had a very ‘normal’ ending, no fairy tale happy bullshit, just real life.

10) Living with yourself

I’m still unsure if this should be higher in my list, but here we are. The series is all about Paul Rudd cloning himself, what more do you need to watch a series! It’s a very Black Mirror-inspired story that takes place in pretty much the current day, but a strange technology exists to apparently better life – But does it? The idea is your clone is a better version of you and the current you dies (not known to Paul beforehand); unfortunately/fortunately it goes wrong, and both the clone and original are alive. It’s an amazing contrast between the original who feels like a waste of space, and the new version who feels like anything is possible. The best plot point is probably that they’re trying to keep it a secret, so no one know he has a clone, and obviously things go wrong! It’s also quite serious at times and not all laugh out loud.

9) Taskmaster Season 9

Taskmaster continues to be the best one of the best things on TV, and after 9 series it seems to have no plans of stopping; what’s crazy to me is how they continue to come up with new tasks! This is one of the few things I could watch every week of my life and not get bored. The breakout on this series for me was Ed Gamble, who I liked before, but now I love immensely. He was amazingly funny in this series, and had a fantastic approach to tasks. If you don’t know what Taskmaster is, then get out from under your rock!

8) Atypical Season 3

Atypical is easily my favourite emotional comedy series that treads the right line between laughs and cries, uplifting you as a whole – The series focuses on Sam, who has autism, but wants to crack on with daily life. It’s an amazing look on autism but also just general life around it and also his family who are experiencing their own problems; this is probably my favourite ongoing series on Netflix and I hope it never stops.

7) Stranger Things Season 3

Finishing part 1 of my list is Stranger Things; the series that everyone loves. Adapting itself to the kids ages, the stories become more about relationships and the issues we all face as teens; oh and also the very scary monsters from a different realm! We get to learn a bit more about the monsters and their apparent leader who gains new abilities to ensure they’re even harder to take down. Also ending on a huge cliffhanger is making me extremely keen for series 4!

Thanks for reading part 1 folks! Stay tuned for part 2.

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