Recently Luke put out his article on why he hates nerds following the Witcher announcement, and you know what? I hate nerds too. There are 2 things that have really irked me in the last 2 weeks:

1: Following Pride I’ve seen and heard a lot of comments such as ‘why don’t we get a straight pride lol’ and…

2: A flood of hatred towards marvel announcing there will be more LGBTQ characters in their upcoming slate; personally I think it’s great.

Let’s address the first issue here; why don’t we have a straight pride, and I say this as a straight white male – I couldn’t be more in the majority if I tried – the only odd thing about me is that I’m half Spanish and my name is Javier, which I was marginally bullied for, anyways the point in hand… We don’t have straight pride because we aren’t bullied, beaten up, and in some places killed for being straight and liking the opposite sex; people don’t stare at us just for holding hands with our partner or sneer if we kiss. Can you imagine being the only gay boy in the changing room at school, and how tough that would be? Some goons may say “well that’s tough because they’re looking at you in a certain way”, but they can’t help it; it’s as natural to a gay person to feel for the same sex as much as it is for a straight person to feel for the opposite. They are a huge minority, which is why they have to make a big deal of it, because they have to survive people like you.

Javier puts out support for the #LGBT community and throws shade towards #nerds in his latest article. #GayPride #ForAllThePlayers

2nd point, and the nerdy one here; I want to say 1 thing to all of you who are shaming Marvel / Feige (Our lord and saviour) for announcing more gay or queer characters.

FUCK. YOU. Go fuck yourself. Why shouldn’t they celebrate having a more diverse display of characters, just as the comics do?! There are plenty of gay and unusual heroes – What, it’s OK to be a talking racoon or tree but not want to be gay? Get a fucking grip. There’s 0 chance that you’ve not enjoyed something that’s been thought up or created by someone who is lesbian, gay bi or trans; would you stop watching if Robert Downey Jr was gay? Throughout my life I’ve have lots of gay and bi friends, and more often than not they’re hilarious, fun and honest! By a country mile my favourite person on TV is Graham Norton because he’s hilarious, and gets the absolute most out of his guests; it has nothing to do with if he’s gay or not. He’s just an extremely talented man. I even saw comments dissing Playstation for releasing their “all the players branding” as well – All they’re trying to do is show support – Calm down for crying out loud.

Get over yourselves and go and experience and accept the world for what it is in 2019. I can only hope that one day anyone who isn’t a white straight male has it just as easy and is just as ‘equal’ as we are. And if you are of this majority and you’re spending your life typing hateful words on social media to people that it may affect, maybe re-assess your life choices. Not too long ago being a nerd, gamer, sci-fi addict, or comic book geek was the minority; we were the ones who would be bullied and laughed at, and now all of a sudden superheroes are cool (Thanks MCU), and reading comics isn’t sneered at; we should know how it feels to be picked on.

I am not writing this in rage or hatred, I’m just saying that we should band together and be positive and support those who need it. I hope that in reading this article, it will make you do something slightly better; I’m not asking you to start a community outreach programme, but maybe instead of writing “how dare the character be gay, how can that be?!” put “oh that’s great, as always I know the MCU will build this into their character development and make it work”.

The message is don’t be a dick. You’re becoming the pricks who once stole your lunch money.

Oh, and finally to anyone who’s annoyed that Natalie Portman has been ‘cast’ as Thor, go and read a goddamn comic book you pricks!