It’s 2019, we live in the golden age of the nerd and the golden age of entertainment. If you told me at 15 years old that what I am into would become “cool” I would of laughed in your face and run away.

But that’s the age we live in now. Gamers and Nerds are now cool and everything is good in the world… Except for one thing.
I fucking hate nerds now.

What the fuck happened guys? Our thing used to be the minority and we used to love anyone trying to get involved. Anything that came from our kingdom into modern media was widely accepted and hyped beyond all recognition. So why are you all being cunts about it now?

This stems from the recent announcement (Among a million others) of the Netflix Adaptation of the Witcher novels. Usually something that would be met with such praise and gusto has been tarnished by a select few who have picked out something that is asinine and so minor that it’s made me hate us as a collective whole.

This is the fact that Yennefer is played by a woman of colour.

Now MOST of you out there reading this won’t give a shit, you will be happy about the fact we are even getting a Witcher show in the first place. SOME of you will even know that Yennefer is a hunchback who casts a glamour to look however she pleases and however she wants.

But its that little bit of us that I am aiming this at, the few of you that are super butthurt by this claiming that “Yennefer needs to be a tall, pale white woman”. Fuck off and get in the bin please.

Our whole thing used to be about inclusion and being able to share a love between a handful of us of fantasy, of passion and the industry thrived on this! What happened to us that we are suddenly accusing these conglomerates of “brown-washing” (Yes I ACTUALLY saw someone use this term) our white characters.

Fuck off will you? If you aren’t going to just be happy that our medium is finally getting the attention it deserves. Then you don’t deserve it.

Bunch of cunts.

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