It’s been a couple days now and I finally feel like I have started to regain some semblance of my humanity after EGX (and the nights out in London), and feel like I finally have the time to recap some of my adventures of the conference.

So here are all my opinions in one neat and tidy little package for you all:

The Avengers

I am going to get this one out of the way first to be honest as it’s my least popular opinion from the weekend but… I didn’t like the Avengers game. I thought it felt clunky and irritating, and the idea of a loot system similar to Destiny really worries me about the game.

I did find out that my demo was bugged and the characters weren’t SUPPOSED to ignore my commands and refuse to jump and fight, but for me the damage was already done, and its soured my initial opinions of the game.

Cyberpunk 2077

I’ll keep this short; I expected Cyberpunk 2077 to be my favourite game of EGX. I was correct – Read Joe and Clarice’s opinions on this one for a more fleshed out version of what I’m saying!

Final Fantasy 7: Remake

Okay, so I had my doubts about this one, but having played it for half an hour I can safely say that all my doubts were dumb and the game is as good as the hype machine is leading you to believe. The combat flows in a way that perfectly blends together FFXV with the ATB gauge of the original game!

The game absolutely blew me away and I cannot wait to get more into it.


Nioh 2

I don’t know if I have just got continually better at these games but I found Nioh 2 to be a little too easy for me and managed to demo without dying. Yes I appreciate that I have played the first game through about 5 times at this point and yes I appreciate that I all but exclusively play the Soulsborne games at this point, so maybe its just me… Humble brag (Also Javier couldn’t beat it so I mean, it cant be that easy!)?

Nioh 2 was easily my second favourite game of EGX though and I can’t wait to play through it 5 times in the near(ish) future.

Sleeper Hits

I had 3 sleeper hits at EGX this year which I didn’t expect to like but I jumped on as I wondered around the place. Those games in no order are: Trine 4, 3rd Eye, and some game where you play as little animal balls and have to knock each other off a table.

Trine and the animal game (I am really sorry but I didn’t note the name of the game down at the time and it’s not on the website but it was a blast) were both incredibly funny games that had me and Javier crying with laughter in the depths of our hungover state on the Sunday of EGX.

3rd Eye caught me off guard though by being the creepiest game I have seen in a good long while with the Tim Burton-esque visuals giving way to being an absolutely stunning game. In fact I came home and bought the game on Steam within an hour. CAN’T wait to go back into it.

There were so many good games at EGX, but these are the ones which really stood out for me above all else, and I don’t have enough words to go over every game I played but I wish I could!

Oh and also, Darksiders Genesis was awesome!

For more on EGX from the other guys who went to the event, stay tuned to!

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