This year’s EGX in London provided a relatively small – yet impressive – selection of games; given this, Joe and Clarice have decided to pool together their opinions on each title on individual posts! In this article, they detail their showing of Cyberpunk 2077, presented by none other than ex-PlayStation Access star, Hollie Bennett!


For me, Cyberpunk 2077 is a game that I’ve intentionally gone blind for, not seeing anything other than the initial announcement trailer and knowing that Keanu Reeves features heavily as the legendary Johnny Silverhand…

…So what did I think of the Cyberpunk 2077 demo? Well, I’m extremely interested by what I saw – The demo followed our protagonist, V, as the demo player customised their hair, facial structure, eye colour and statistics – Things like toggling surface wiring visibility made it possible to run through the game as technophobic as possible, and the stat layout looked like it was pulled verbatim from the original Cyberpunk tabletop RPG – Stats like Cool, Body, Reflexes, Technical and more dictate abilities, proficiencies and help to challenge various stat checks throughout the game.

Speaking of stat checks, we were shown a variety of them throughout the demo – As V was tasked by second-in-command and envoy of the local Haitan gang the Voodoo Boys, Placide, to tackle the ‘Animals’, a group of varied individuals centred around the theme of self-improvement and strength – Basically, they’re “Roid Ragers”. On V’s mission to infiltrate the Grand Imperial Mall (GIM – Hah. Get it? Like gym? Classy CD Projekt) that rots at the decaying heart of Pacifica, you encounter the first of many stat checks to navigate the open-ended mission in any way you see fit – Hacking your opponents’ biomechanims to kill themselves, hacking into security cameras and turrets, smashing down sealed doors and ripping them apart, hacking vending machines and weight lifting machines, training robots, and networks, and even ripping turrets off their bases and using stunned enemies as human shields… There was a hell of a lot of diversity in the way that you approached this mission, despite its’ rather short length.

Saying this, though, I do worry that this was simply due to demo purposes – I worry that not every mission will feature this many skill checks, but I have faith in CD Projekt after how they handled The Witcher 3.

General gameplay looked fun enough, being a blend of Fallout and a little bit of Borderlands 2 / 3, with sliding and ledge mounting – Fairly simple stuff, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Other than that, it’s a welcome sight to see the wide variety of dialogue options featured, fit with their own skill checks – Affiliations chosen at the start of the game as well also seem to feature into these choices, with certain NPCs and actions locked or altered behind the choice between Netrunner, Solo and Corporate, with hopefully more choices to be added in the future, either for free or as DLC (Such as Techie, Cop and Rockerboy).

So congratulations CD Projekt; you’ve set my hype train off from Platform 1, stopping only at Full Release Station. Guess I’d better ask Santa for an RTX card and a PC (GOG) pre-order…


For me, I loved how the game looked and seemed to feel – I love how you properly create your own story and world, and do things how you want to do them. Clothing and equipment changes reflecting on your character, V, is a very nice addition that I welcome wholeheartedly – Even going as far as to see your shoes, trousers and even collar in first-person mode when tilting your camera in a certain way.

One thing that Joe failed to mention was about the vehicle driving, as the demo player took a motorbike ripped straight from Akira to get to the GIM, blasting out music from the stereo as you pull up to NPC’s and talk to them naturally without getting off your bike; Holly did mention that there was a range of vehicles to drive, and one of the cuts at the end did show you getting into the back of a car, quite notably with the option to engage in combat, possibly meaning you can shoot the other passengers and cause the car to steer away from the road? Either way, I’m interested!

The city of Pacifica feels very much alive with street vendors, beggars, militia, scrappers and more roaming around the city naturally and immersively – Translations from Haitian to English happen in real time via translated pieces of text appearing above speaking characters’ heads, with their voice being a mixmatch of Haitian and English, indicating that whilst this society has immensely powerful technology, a lot of it is still incomplete or unfinished.

The level of detail in the world of Pacifica is what’s really drawing me in here – I love worlds that I can just sink in and immerse myself in… And it seems that Cyberpunk 2077 is just the game to do that with.

So that was our thoughts on what we saw of Cyberpunk 2077! What do you think? Are you as hyped as us now? Will you be purchasing Cyberpunk 2077 on day one? Or will you be holding off until we get our review for it out? Let us know in the comments below!

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