The next game shown is ‘Sea of Thieves’. The gameplay opens with the excavation of a sunken ship to loot sunken treasure. Shortly after, a fight on an island takes place, Shortly after, a cave on the island is excavated by the crew of the ship, The crew gets the treasure, gets chased by skeletons, and jumps off a cliff into the ocean. More await, but are then defeated by a crew member still on the ship. After that, a battle with another ship is shown, as the playable character is fired out of a cannon onto the other ship. The trailer ends with the captain clearing out the ship, The captain attempts to jump back onto his ship, but gets eaten by a shark. The next game shown is Tacoma 2, which looks to be a game that takes place in outer space. After that, Super Lucky’s Tale is shown. It looks to be a cute 3D platformer.