‘Piracy is dead, long live piracy’
The player can visit a fortune teller who will predict the conditions for each excursion, with keywords like ‘Cataclysm, Weather, Conflict’, giving clues as to conditions of the seas.

The game is played in a shared world where ‘all player encounters matter’. Each player will captain their own ship, and multiple ships will compete or team up to gain access to endless treasure.

A gameplay demo was shown, showing a raid on a trade ship from planning to end- the ship can bus customised in port, changing the size, appearance, and special abilities the ship will possess. The game appears to focus purely on ship combat, rather than sword-fighting or other such gameplay.

Disguised as a Portuguese freighter, the player sneaks past a fortress before abandoning the disguise and ambushing the ship. After bombarding and boarding, the player is counter-attacked by a Portuguese galleon but calls in other players to assist them. Using teamwork, the players fight the galleon off and make off with the treasure.