A new cinematic trailer has been released for Beyond good and Evil 2, and a slew of new info with it.The trailer revolves around an attack on a spaceship, which has crash-landed on an icy planet as the protagonists attempt to defend it from an approaching armada.

The return of Jade, the protagonist of the original, was teased at the end of said trailer,

The game’s developers revealed that the game is to be a prequel to the original, meaning jade is younger than she was in the original game.

Uma, a holistic and aged medic, and Callum the cigar-smoking chief engineer were introduced as new characters, although whether they are playable or not is to be confirmed

You are a space captain in the 24th century, hoping to find lost artefact deep in space, in a space opera story years in the making.

A new behind-closed-doors demo will be shown later on in E3 to journalists present.

One setting shown was the city of Ganesha- a metropolis of sacred temples & gardens, but also housing a dark criminal underworld

The game is an action-adventure RPG, which can be played solo or in co-op. Pre-alpha gameplay footage showed a mixture of Combat, Vehicular dogfighting, and exploration.

the more exciting news comes in the form of the ‘Space monkey program’: an open invitation to contribute ideas, artwork, and music to the project, run by HitRecord.

HitRecord is an artistic collaboration organisation for short films, music, and artwork, run by hollywood actor and writer Joseph-Gordon Levitt, who made an appearence on stage and was visibly excited to expand the project into video games.

Challenges live as of now at hitrecord.com/bge. It was stressed that artists would collaborate, not compete for places on the project. 

The game will return at ‘BGE fest’ in Montpellier, this fall