John Peter Bain, commonly known by his online persona ‘Totalbiscuit’, passed away this evening. He was 33. It is unknown at this time whether he was at home, in the hospital, or somewhere else when he passed away. He is survived by his wife, Cosplayer and eSports content creator Genna Bain, and his Step-son Orion.

John was famous as a critic of video games, his staunch advocacy of ethical and consumer-friendly practices within the games industry, as well as his biting and cynical sense of humour. His YouTube channel, started in 2010, currently sits at 2.2 Million subscribers.

John had been battling with Bowel cancer since April 2014. On 30 April this year, his support team announced that his Cancer was becoming aggressive, becoming immune to all forms of chemotherapy and that he was suffering from liver failure. At the same time, John retired from games criticism, to focus on his family. He continued to host the Co-optional podcast with close friends Jesse Cox and Brooke ‘Dodger’ Thorne. His death was reported by his wife Genna via twitter.

As games critics ourselves, we here at mourn the loss of John. He was an inspiration for several of our writers, and our well-wishes at this time lie with his family, and his close friends and collaberators. We are thankful for his contributions to our occupation, and many of us will sorely miss him.