Jake Gyllenhall, the star of Nightcrawler, Brokeback Mountain, and Donnie Darko, is reportedly in talks to play the Villain ‘Mysterio’ in the 2019 sequel to ‘Spider-man: Homecoming.’

For those unaware, Mysterio is one of Spider-man’s more… comedic villains. Wearing a giant fishbowl on his head, special effects artist Quentin Beck worked on Hollywood films but dreamed of being an Actor so he could become more famous. After failing, he donned the costume of Mysterio, using his mastery of special effects to create a series of Illusions which he would use to defeat Spider-man for the fame alone. A master trickster and hypnotist, Mysterio is one of Spider-man’s most persistent foes, even joining the Sinister Six from the beginning.