What movies are utterly awful and completely dreadful but entertain you more than a wind-up monkey with cymbals? Here are ours.


I don’t really think a lot of summer blockbusters are ‘so bad they’re good,’ because they are fairly competent and well made. They’re not works of art but they’re definitely entertaining. I think for me the movies that represent this best are the Transformers films. Michaels Bay’s adaptation of the Transformers series is a beautiful trainwreck that everyone should experience. Especially ‘Dark of the Moon’, because god damn what a title.

It’s not good art, but god damn it’s good fun.



I, myself, LOVE star wars. I like star wars when it’s mega-serious “The Jedi must end” or “I am your father”. But I LOVE star wars when it’s a goofy ’70s style space opera. And that’s what the prequels are: a ridiculously camp trilogy of sci-fi films that only exist because George Lucas wanted to make a ‘Flash Gordon’ movie but couldn’t get the rights.

The Prequels are the absolute epitome of everything dumb and wonderful about Star Wars, and every single watch fills me with cheers, awful laughter. A true masterpiece for our generation.


There’s something weird about ‘Suicide Squad’ that keeps me coming back to it. I know it’s absolutely terrible and that it doesn’t really have any redeeming features (Joker Leto aside) but I’ve seen Suicide Squad a dozen times and every time I just have quite a lot of fun. Yeah, the villain is shit and Harley Quinn is the worst comic book character to ever grace our screens, but fuck it; it’s fun and I like it a lot.

Also, fuck the haters – I love the Purple Lamborghini.


I used to be a sucker for those massive summer blockbusters but apart from the superhero movies, I’m just not anymore. I’ve watched so many shit ones that I just can’t seem to enjoy them unless they really have a good hook, I’m no movie critic but films such as ‘Valerian’, ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Transformers’ haven’t held my attention in recent years. I actually really wanted to enjoy ‘Valerian’ but thought it was utter crap.

The first 3 transformers movies I do love, as they were silly popcorn fun that was ‘Michael Bay’ enough to be passable, but the 4th one killed the franchise for me.

But, my all-time favourite is ‘The Matrix: Reloaded’. Yes, it gets a lot of hate, but I’ve watched it over and over again and it’s forever made Keanu Reeves an absolute Don in my mind.