It’s official- Rage 2 is coming, and the gameplay reveal is tomorrow.

Rage 2 appears to embracing the more colourful style of the new generation of consoles, with vibrant pink and yellow swamping the live-action trailer.

The original ‘Rage’ was released in 2010, and currently sits at a 79 Metacritic score. Coming out if ID Studios, the creators of Doom and Quake, and overseen by one of DOOM’s two lead creators, John Carmack (Who now leads development on the Oculus Rift). It was a first-person shooter set in a Dieselpunk post-apocalyptic world, taking influence from Fallout and Mad Max. It’s focus was on a new system of animations that were, at the time, revolutionary, with different enemies reacting to different injuries- hopping after you shoot them in the legs, clutching broken arms, and continuing to run for a few seconds after they’re shot in the heart, etc.

Come back to tomorrow for the gameplay reveal!