So the internet is going absolutely mental over the Sombra reveal that was ‘supposed’ to happen yesterday however the crackers seem to be being led more and more into potentially the biggest ARG (Alternate Reality Game) that has been seen to date!


It all started with a picture, people started to depict and decipher the above to find out exaclty what was going on with this so called Sombra?! and as they continued to dig they found more and more coding. Before they thought they were at a loss Blizzard decided to chuck everythign up into the air again by inserting this into the Summer Games trailer….


As you can see from the freeze frame there is a set of code embedded into tracers ‘trace’ which again led decoders into an absolute spree of trying to find out what was going on! To cut a massively long story short a post was set up on the Overwatch forums yesterday called: 00110010 00110011 which for those of you savy with Binary Coding translates to ’23’, Sombra being the 23rd character to be released to Overwatch.

The forum post essentially ended up looking like it was glitching or being hacked and counted all the way down to 8:20pm last night (what our earlier post was about) and then seemingly dissapeared. However our fancy decoders managed to find a website within the coding…

Anyone who visits the website will be able to translate the Spanish that is on the website and find the reasoning behind what is going on. This website has been updating over the past 24 hours and the percentage continues to increase, hence the game continues for the decoders. To catch up on everything (and i mean everything) head here for the Overwatch decoders reddit page.

This is all we know so far, and so we await further content. As always we will keep you posted! – Pyro